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Dear Lady/Sirs,


We manufacture good quality Autoclavable Biohazard bags in our factory in Mersin-Turkey. Our Products are made by 100% virgin 50 Micron (PP) and suitable for Steam sterilization at 141 degree centigrate (285 o F)

Autoclave resistance high impact biohazard bags also available with sterilization indicator patch, manufactured from high molecular weight polypropylene blend in Red and Yellow colors. Our customers have challenged us to continually create products that are recognized as superior because bag failure cannot ever be tolerated. We are recognized for products that have been specifically engineered for use in critical Level 3 and 4 containment research labs.

Production sizes are;

53x70 cm

63x80 cm

63x89 cm

80x110 cm

87x110 cm


We do OEM production for several countries. You may visit our web page for details. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any Enquiry or sample.

We would like to hear from you in soon.


Best regards,


Product Sales Manager

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