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Pneumatic Solutions International specialise in bespoke pneumatic solutions and offer a range of pneumatic equipment which is technically superior to the major "all product suppliers".

Our manufacturers are world-leading in their specific field of pneumatics from Ultra High-speed solenoid valves through to completely custom actuators.

Over 85% of the product we supply has been factory modified to suit our customers' specific applications i.e it is designed around your needs and your environment... it's not plucked from a catalogue or webstore!

If you are not satisfied with the life, speed or return on investment of your current pneumatic products then you need to speak to us - "we provide value through innovation".. is our company mantra.

  • Pneumatic Motion Control
  • Mac Valves
  • PHD Automation Components
  • Firestone Airspring actuators
  • Enidine Shock Absorbers
  • Mem-Co fittings
  • Bimba Cylinders
  • Pneumatic Solutions
  • Rotary and Linear Actuators
  • Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves and Grippers
  • Vacuum Generators and Pumps
  • Suction Cups
  • Control Cabinets and Systems
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Vaccon Vacuum Products
  • Convum Vacuum Products
  • Automotive Clamps
  • Rodless Cylinders

With an in-house control systems division, backed up by a worldwide application base called the MDN, PSI can provide competitive solutions for any pneumatic application.

  • MAC VALVE Distributor for the UK Market
  • PHD Distributor for the UK Market
  • Vaccon Distributor for the UK Market
  • Newly Appointed BIMBA distributor for the UK Market
  • ISO9001 Certification
  • 250,000 items available ex-stock
  • Next day delivery of ex-stock items
  • Dedicated control systems division

PSI Technologies Ltd Product Range

PSI are leading UK specialists in pneumatic and valve technology. We are the only manufacturer-authorised UK supplier of MAC, PHD, Bimba, Vaccon, Allied Witan, in addition to Enidine, Firestone and FIM.

Our industry specialists are able to help customers reduce maintenance costs, decrease downtime, save energy, improve productivity and profitability.

  • PSI provide, OEMs, End users and Distributors with
  • Market leading products
  • Support through technically trained staff
  • Custom Design Assemblies and Control Panels
  • PSI, more than a Distributor
PSI Technologies Ltd Product Range


PSI is the exclusive MAC valve distributor in the UK.
We offer the complete range of MAC valves including solutions for industries such as material handling, food processing, packaging, welding, glass and plastics, tyre production, automotive, dispensing and sorting.

MAC has over 50 years of experience in the valve industry and bases its development on feedback from end users, OEMs and the MAC Distributor Network (MDN).

Over 50% of MAC’s production currently involves modifications to standard products, and this comes from listening to customers and then providing optimised products for unique applications.

Known in the industry for providing “Valves That Don't Stick”, MAC is focused on providing industry-specific solutions which are reliable and consistent, and which focus on performance and longevity. As such, all MAC valves come with an 18 month guarantee plus a lifetime coil guarantee.

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Automation problems can often seem difficult to solve, and this is where PSI can add real value. We offer the full line of PHD components including cylinders, grippers, slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, sensors and electromechanical devices. With millions of component variations, this modular solution can help you to move, turn, slide, lift, grip, reach, rotate and clamp almost anything!

At PSI, we want to make the process of choosing and designing with PHD products as easy as possible - so we offer free software and CAD libraries, as well as providing you with access to highly trained application engineers and custom product specialists. Everything we do is designed to offer our customers the lowest possible ‘cost of ownership’, by saving design time and reducing downtime, as well as providing the widest possible selection of reliable, high-quality automation products.

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PSI Ltd is recognised as a fully authorised, factory supported distributor for Bimba and TRD products.

As a specialised distributor in the field of pneumatics and industrial automation, PSI Ltd has quickly become the largest Bimba product supplier in the United Kingdom.

Our ability to provide the necessary sales and support customers expect in today’s market, positions us perfectly to sell the inexpensive, industry standard, non repairable, stainless steel body Bimba cylinders every day, alongside our more complicated custom air cylinders, quickly designed and manufactured to your specific application.

Nearly half of all Bimba’s production is now custom product - fitting nicely with the PSI market approach “value through innovation”.

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Allied Witan

Exhaust mufflers and filters - take the noise out of compressed air

PSI have “Sound Control” mufflers for any application, no matter what your sound control problem, we can solve it with Alwitco’s range of mufflers. 

Low cost, durable, versatile, efficient and effective, Allied Witan mufflers don’t just muffle noise they literally destroy it! Alwitco is a single source “sound control” company.
  No matter what your sound control problem, PSI, with the help of Alwitco are ready and willing to solve it.
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Allied Witan


PSI are distribution partners with Firestone IP whose range include Airstroke actuators, Airmount isolators, Marshmallow airsprings as well as Airgripper and Airpicker end effectors.

For more information on Firestone products and prices please call us on 02392 233611



All Vaccon pumps are designed to operate in adverse conditions without filters and never lose suction. Their simple, no-moving-parts design means they never wear out, never clog, and their completely maintenance-free operation provides high productivity.

Choosing the right vacuum pump, cup or accessory for each application is key to economic and efficient system design. Given that vacuum technology is not an exact science, PSI Ltd prides itself in customer service by offering application and technical assistance.

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PSI Ltd are the UK Distributor of the Enidine product range, which allows us to offer the widest range of standard and custom energy absorption and vibration isolation solutions available today.

From maintenance free wire rope vibration isolation through small and large bore shock absorbers we are confident we can help you resolve your requirements.



Miniature Valves

PSI offers a full range of micro valves including 10mm Picosol and 15mm Microsol alternatives. All product is manufactured and assembled in the EU.

Miniature Valves

Air Filtration

PSI offers a line of compressed air filtration equipment including a high quality alternative element range for all of the major manufacturers including Domnick Hunter, Zander, Hiross, Beko, Atlas Copco, Donaldson and others.

Manufactured in the EU we can guarantee both quality and substantial cost savings and can also rebrand filtration products to protect your spares business.

Market Sectors

PSI are leading UK specialists in pneumatic and valve technology. We are the only manufacturer-authorised UK supplier of MAC, PHD, Bimba, SMAC, Vaccon, Allied Witan.
Our industry specialists are able to help customers reduce maintenance costs, decrease downtime, save energy, improve productivity and profitability.

  • PSI provides OEMs, End users and Distributors with,
  • Market leading products.
  • Support through technically trained staff.
  • Custom Design Assemblies and Control Panels.
  • PSI, more than a Distributor

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Market Sectors


MAC Valves, have for a number of years, supported the industry of hollow glass with specific standard products and taylor-made solutions for demanding applications.

PSI and MAC focus their efforts on working alongside our customers within the Glass industry to overcome the issues present in this inherently arduous environment. MAC have become a leader in pneumatic solutions developed specifically for the Glass industry, and PSI are recognised as a leading partner within this industry in Europe.

PSI hold a stock of components and are fully qualified and certified for the service and support of MAC Valves solutions in the glass industry.

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Control Systems

The Systems Integration department is where PSI Ltd really excels. Through highly consultative customer relationships, our team of experienced and motivated Systems Integration staff have been able to offer significant benefit to many of our customers.

Whether the requirement has been simply to pre-assemble a small number of components to allow our customers to utilise their own work force more effectively, or to work alongside our customer to develop a complete electro-pneumatic solution with them, the Systems Integration team are always ready to rise to the challenge.

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Control Systems


Following the inception of the PHD Plastics Packaging Components (PPC) group, PSI quickly realised the benefit that we can offer the Plastics Industry within the UK. This dedicated division is focused totally on the specific needs of the plastic packaging industry.

We have a full line of components; cylinders, escapements, grippers, slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, and proximity switches which can be combined or used individually to provide the motion your application requires. In addition, MAC Valves have developed a number of solutions, with the specific needs of the Plastic Packaging Industry in mind.

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Pneumatic Solutions International's links with world class automation component manufacturers such as MAC, PHD and SMAC, place us firmly in a position to offer significant benefit to the Automotive Industry.

With our full line of components including:

  • cylinders
  • escapements
  • grippers
  • slides
  • rotary actuators
  • clamps
  • multi-motion actuators
  • control valves
  • shock absorbers and
  • high precision moving coil actuators

which can be combined or used individually, we can provide the motion your application requires.

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PSI and MAC Valves have been working within the Rail industry for a number of years in order to develop application specific solutions to overcome the issues faced in this demanding application.

These solutions have been developed as a direct result of requests from customers in the field, and MAC valves have developed a number of industry approved products as a result.

We have developed a vast array of application specific solutions including products for:

  • Brakes
  • Emergency (Derailing)
  • Oil carry over
  • Wheel sets
  • Suspension
  • Contactors
  • Air conditioning
  • Switches
  • Pantographs
  • Coupling
  • External door
  • Foot steps
  • Internal door
  • Sanitation
  • Seat adjustment

and many more....



MAC Valves and PSI, have for a number of years, been working alongside our customers within the tyre manufacturing industry, to resolve issues and improve product quality from the best use of technology.

Through detailed investigation of the tyre manufacturing process, it became apparent that the accuracy of the pneumatic technology used in the tyre manufacturing process had a direct effect on the quality of tyre produced. Due to the unique MAC valve design, our customers in the tyre industry have been able to improve their product quality in a way that was not possible using a competitor product.

PSI and MAC have a number of solutions developed specifically to suit applications within the tyre manufacturing industry, these include:

  • Solenoid valve blocks
  • Assemblies for servicers
  • Assemblies for pressure control in bladders
  • Assemblies for actuator control for presses
  • Bladder control units
  • Carcass inflation
  • Bead clamping
  • Clutch & brake control
  • Rollover can
  • Tread splice stitcher
  • Server stitchers smear roll
  • Curing press timer controller
  • Steam control
  • Preshape

and many more...


High Speed

There are many industry sectors that require repeatable, high speed valve operation including

  • Dispensing
  • Sorting
  • Textile manufacture and
  • Surface mount machinery

to name a few.

MAC Valves is the leading manufacturer of high speed valve technology in the world. Through their constant end user interaction and pioneering technical development, MAC and PSI have helped many companies enjoy the benefit of more accurate valve technology. Whether it has reduced the quantity of re-sort required or improved the response and accuracy of a hot melt glue dispenser, regardless of the differences in application, the benefits of low cost of ownership and accurate operation are shared.

For more information on High Speed

High Speed


MAC Valves and PSI, have for a number of years, been working alongside our customers within the electronics industry to develop application specific solutions to suit the industry.

The application base within the industry is vast and the standard benefits of the unique MAC valve design have proven to offer significant improvements to many of these applications. The benefits of the MAC valve design include low response time, high flow, long life, high repeatability and consistency and reliability. Many valves in the MAC range are capable of in excess of 500 million cycles without maintenance or repair.

PSI and MAC have a number of solutions developed specifically to suit applications within the electronics manufacturing industry, these include:

  • Pick & Place
  • Dosing
  • Vacuum
  • Sorting
  • Polishing
  • Gluing
  • Die separation
  • 4 Station PPC ManifoldAir drying
  • Level sensing
  • Board dip
  • Squeegee control
  • Clamping

and many more...


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