PNR UK Ltd is a world leader in Industrial Spray Nozzles for a variety of industrial processes from the steelworks industry to the automotive manufacturing plants, to the pharmaceutical and food industries and much further afield (odour control, dust suppression and pre-treatment plants for example). Our extensive range of nozzles covers the usual range of spray nozzles, including; flat jet spray nozzles, hollow cone spray nozzles and full cone spray nozzles.

Flat Jet Spray Nozzles

A flat fan spray nozzle produces a flat liquid layer, also known as a flat fan or fan jet. A variety of spray angles are available to suit a wide spectrum of industrial applications. Flat jet nozzles can be split into two groups:

- In-line flat fan nozzles
Here the liquid enters the nozzle in line with its axis. The liquid is then fed to a pressure chamber from where it is then forced through the nozzle orifice. The flow value and spray angle is determined respectively by the orifice cross section and the orifice profile.

In-line straight jet (pressure nozzle)
These are not strictly speaking flat jet spray nozzles. There is no spray angle on these, but a straight jet of liquid. A pencil jet, as they are also referred to, produces a sharp stable, stream with a powerful impact.

Flat Jet Spray Nozzles

Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles

A hollow cone spray pattern consists of droplets concentrated onto the outer surface of a conical shape volume of water, with no droplets on the inside of the spray pattern.

These nozzles are normally used for smoke washing or gas cooling applications in several industrial processes.

These nozzles use a tangential injection of liquid into a whirling chamber to generate centrifugal forces which break up the liquid vein as soon as it leaves the orifice.

Precisely designed orifice profiles, making use of the Coanda effect, enable very large spray angles.

A hollow cone can also be produce by having a liquid vein impact onto a purposely-designed surface. This then breaks the liquid into droplets and forms a hollow cone spray pattern.

Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles

Full Cone Spray Nozzles

Full cone spray pattern nozzles produce a solid cone of water from the nozzle orifice.

Some typical applications for full cone nozzles are: spray cooling ie continuous casting gas scrubbing, process cooling etc.

Due to the wide number of process requirements, full cone nozzles have evolved into a range of specialised types, where the full cone spray pattern, or a pattern similar to a full cone, is obtained through different techniques.

Standard full cone nozzles (Turbulence nozzle)
With these spray nozzles the full cone spray pattern is created by the design of the vane. The vane is placed at the nozzle inlet so that when the water enters the nozzles a rotational action is created and the full cone spray pattern is formed.

  • Spray angles can vary from 15° to 120°
  • A square pattern full cone spray pattern can also be created through a specially designed orifice

Spiral full cone spray pattern nozzle or pigs tail nozzle. PNR UK Ltd

Spiral full cone nozzles (Impact Nozzle)
This is not strictly a full cone. The spiral design creates a series of hollow cone patterns in sequence, giving an overall full cone effect.

Although not such an accurate & even full cone pattern, this design offers resistance to blocking and is an ideal choice in those applications where safety is the prime concern, eg fire fighting systems, and also in gas scrubbing where nozzles are difficult to check.

Multiple full cone spray nozzles (Turbulence Nozzle)
This spray pattern is formed from a series of narrow cone spray patterns focused in a defined configuration. This produces a wide-angle cone with fine atomised droplets.

Full Cone Spray Nozzles

Pre-treatment & Dust Suppression Spray Nozzles

Overview: Pretreatment/dust suppression spray nozzles, pipe clamps, spheres, threaded balls, retaining caps, pipe holders and quick couplers.

PNR UK offer a range of moulded nozzles and clamps and fittings for use in pre-treatment plants. These adaptable nozzles and fittings are diverse though and are equally useful in applications such as dust suppression jobs for example.

Swivel nozzle spheres are positioned in place via a clamp and cap to allow for ease of positioning as you can rotate the nozzle sphere to point in the direction you need. These come in a complete moulded sphere and nozzle or as a threaded sphere which can take 1/8" & 1/4" threaded nozzles if required.

Clamps come in a number of different pipe sizes and also fitting types from spring clip to fixed bolt-on designs and also quick release versions to cater for whatever your application needs. 

We also offer flat jet tips and high impact spoon jet nozzles in quick-fit design to speed up maintenance and reduce down time.

Pre-treatment & Dust Suppression Spray Nozzles

Air assisted atomisers for misting & fine droplet requirements

Some industrial processes require liquids to be atomised into fine or a very fine droplets and  air assisted atomising nozzles can be used to achieve this. The liquid is atomised using a compressed air supply that is capable of producing fine to extremely fine droplets. There are two main types of atomisers available; Ultrasonic atomisers and Classic atomisers.

Air assisted atomisers for misting & fine droplet requirements

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