Point to Point Export Services


Point to Point Export Services specialises in helping organisations and individuals to import and export globally.

We can act as your outsourced export department, advising on, and managing, the entire documentation process. Or, we can furnish you with the essentials to manage your own export process successfully by training your staff accordingly.

Point-to-Point clears a way through the export documentation maze, saving clients time and money into the bargain. We expertly plug knowledge gaps, take care of the detail, avoid costly misunderstandings and ensure compliance with all documentation requirements worldwide.

Our specialist areas of expertise are:

  • Documents for Letters of Credit/Documentary Credits (including procedures for completion under UCP 600) 
  • Assistance with ensuring Export Contracts are clear, unambiguous and meets all parties requirements (as far as possible under local laws)
  • Completion of specialist documents, including Certificates of Orgin, EUR1 and ATR certifications

Export Basics

Exporting is good for company health.

Companies that export become more competitive and less exposed to the vagaries of domestic markets. They grow and evolve into organisations that create wealth, become more productive, employ more people and improve their business performance.

Where to start

First, you must identify overseas markets for your goods. Then look for customers within those markets. Help is available from both the private and public sectors.

Processing sales

Point-to-Point steps in once you have found that overseas customer, assisting with international contract terminology, export procedures, documentation and payment facilities.

We relieve the uncertainties of dealing with export documentation by undertaking that function on your behalf to save you time and expense. Alternatively, our on-site mini-courses in international trade procedures will equip your staff with the knowledge to handle them reliably.

Point-to-Point offers training workshops on your premises that take your staff through the specific aspects of export documentation relevant to your company's procedures, products and markets.

Training Workshops

Point to Point Export Services offers training workshops on customers premises that take staff through specific aspects of international trade relevant to the organisation's procedures, products and markets. These include Export and Import procedures, Export Documentation, Incoterms 2010, International payment methods, International Credit Control and Documentary Credits/Letters of Credit.

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