Polymorit Ltd.


Developing innovative products giving individuals with reduced mobility and challenging health conditions, the ability to perform daily living tasks and freedom to access public facilities.

Providing medical organisations and professionals with quality healthcare equipment delivering positive outcomes and ensuring the best possible quality of life, for service users.

Supplying exclusive products for use in hospitals, at home and in residential care, maintaining personal information integrity and asset security.

  1. 10mn Disposable Aprons

    10mn Disposable Aprons

    10 micron disposable aprons.  Imported from Europe.  7-10 day lead time.  MOQ of 1000 units.

  2. 3ply Mask

    3ply Mask
  3. Alcohol-free Sanitiser

    Alcohol-free Sanitiser

    Alcohol-free Sanitiser

  4. Apron

  5. Blue Apron

    Blue Apron
  6. Blue Disposable Apron

    Blue Disposable Apron
  7. Coloured Apron

    Coloured Apron
  8. Coverall

  9. Disposable Apron

    Disposable Apron
  10. Disposable Coverall

    Disposable Coverall