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Polytec Laser Doppler Vibrometers for non-contact Vibration Measurement don't scarifice price for quality -  laser Vibrometers can be supplied in many forms such as Single-Point Vibrometers, Rotational Vibrometers, In-plane Vibrometers, Scanning Vibrometers, 3D Scanning Vibrometers and Microscope-based Systems. Please see our website for more information on Vibration Measurement test equipment.

Vibration Equipment

Vibration Measurement Equipment from Polytec Limited can be supplied to meet your every Non Destructive Testing Application. Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Industrial Research and Development can all benefit from our range of Laser Doppler Vibrometers. Laser vibrometer Vibration Equipment can be supplied in many different instrument form from microscopic to large area scanning. Budget sensitive options are available as well as contract hire options.

Laser Doppler

Polytec Laser Doppler Laser Surface Velocimeters is an advanced Non contact speed and length measurement sensor, designed to replace rotary encoders to measure speed and length of a moving surface. Velocimeters are used on many cut-to-length measurement applications where a shear or flying saw is used in process to cut the continuous product to short lengths. Polytec’s advanced laser based technology will perform length and speed measurements without contact on hot or cold surfaces.

See Polytec's new LSV 2000, velocimeter for non-contact length and speed measurements with Stand Still measurement and direction detection - Click Laser Doppler

Scanning Laser Vibrometer

The PSV-500 Scanning Laser Vibrometer is a cutting edge vibration measurement tool for non-contact measurement of deflection shapes. This scanning laser dopper vibrometer offers a linear frequency response from the acoustic range into the high ultrasonic range at 1 MHz. Scanning Laser Vibrometer will allow an operator to measure within fields-of-view to many square meters at a large measurement point density using a live video camera. The Scanning laser vibrometer now also packaged as a desk top laptop version, ideal for mobile operational deflection shapes and failure analysis and NVH work.

3D Surface Metrology

Polytec provides a range of high-precision 3D Surface Metrology technology. From White Light Interferometers to Confocal Scanning Systems. Chromatic Confocal Imaging and White Light Interferometry technologies enable the rapid characterization of surfaces for the determination of micro/nanotopography, non-contact surface roughness measurements, surface flatness measurements and the thickness measurement of transparent samples. Instruments offer sub nano meter resolutions to large area topography measurement capability. Contact Polytec for further information on our range of optical 3D Surface Metrology Tools.

Speed and Length Measurement

Polytec designed and built a rugged and reliable Speed and Length Measurement Sensor (Laser Surface Velocimeters- LSV) for velocity and length measurements in difficult hot or cold mill environments are used to measure speed of moving surfaces. We can offer you Velocimeters to suit your needs, from highly accurate speed measurements to stand still measurements. If you would like more information on Speed and Length Measurement and laser surface Velocimeters then please visit our website.

Single Point Vibrometer

Single point vibrometers measure the amount of vibration at a single point. Laser doppler vibrometers provide:  Direct Surface Vibration Measurement, Non-Contact Vibration measurement, Measure vibrations on  Hot or Cold Surfaces, Fast Feedback for Finite Element Model Validation. See Laser Doppler Applications - Single point vibrometers

3D Vibration Testing

Would you like non contact 3D Vibration Testing? Or 3D structural vibrations? Would you like to Acquire and Analyze Vibrations in Three Dimensions using a type of non contact Accelerometer? Now you can with a 3D Scanning Laser Vibrometer? Polytec scanning vibrometers make vibration measurement and analysis simple and efficient. For Non Contact 3D Vibration Testing Contact Polytec limited for more information on 3D Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometers and contract measurement services

Noise, Vibration and Harshness Testing

Scanning Vibrometry for non-contact vibration mapping of operational deflection shapes now comes packaged in a desktop version is an essential measurement tool for effective failure analysis work within Noise, Vibration and Harshness Testing. The vibrational characteristics of a sample are acquired full field under operational or excited conditions. The results represent the actual vibrations. No added mass is influencing the measurement; as the sensor is light itself. Laser Vibrometers are ideal for many NVT applications - Acoustic Comfort, Acoustic Imaging, Squeak and Rattle Analysis. Shock and vibration testing.

Experimental Modal Analysis

Experimental Modal Analysis data describe the dynamic properties of a structure and can assist in the design of almost any structure, helping to identify areas where design changes are needed. Predicting the vibration characteristics of components and systems is a standard CAE process in today’s automotive, aerospace, or MEMS development environment. Laser vibrometer can make the same measurements as accelerometers but more quickly and accurately, substantially cutting modal testing costs. Click to see more information on Basics of Experimental Modal Analysis

Cut To Length Measurement

Accurate Cut To Length Measurement Technology is critical for optimized production processes. It is essential to reduce scrap and optimize output and financial revenue. Polytec's technology will characterize both speed and length of a moving hot or cold surface as well as offer a cut to length measurement capability without contact thus avoiding slippage or damage to the surface unlike traditional encoder wheels.

The New Revolution Scanning Vibrometer PSV-500 from Polytec

More benefits for vibration studies in acoustics, structural dynamics and ultrasonic’s

Over the last 20 years full-field scanning vibrometry has become the preferred tool for non contact vibration measurements, operational deflection shape measurements, measuring; noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues in research and development.

Now Polytec’s new revolutionary scanning vibrometer is being introduced, tailored to the four main application fields of more than 1,000 users: acoustics, structural dynamics, experimental modal analysis and ultrasonic’s. These improvements were influenced strongly by input from customers in all of these areas.

The main focus of the 4-year development project was to improve measurement data precision as well as the speed and convenience of operation, while at the same time retaining operational familiarity for long-term users. The quality of both the vibration and geometry data is significantly improved by optimizing all elements of the measurement chain.

The most important achievement was the introduction of “VibroLink”, with fully digitized processing of measurement data. Data from the vibrometer and up to 8 data acquisition reference channels, for driving point and excitation force for example, are commonly transferred via Ethernet to the processing unit, avoiding any unnecessary sources of noise.

More powerful and more compact

Better core performance: At the heart of each laser vibrometer is a high precision optical interferometer. The size of this component was reduced by 80 %, which helps to reduce the overall size of the scanning head. Secondly, improvements to the mechanics and a lower thermal sensitivity resulted in an increased overall stability of the system.

New low-noise scanners have extended the scan field by 25 %. A larger area of the test object’s surface can now be scanned with this new “WideScan” technology.

After the data has been captured this needs to be presented to the customer in an impressive manner. With a new HD camera, not only does this provide pin-sharp images of the object under test, but it also creates improved lifelike animations of the results.

Improving data quality and velocity range during 3D measurements was the goal a the development of the New “CoherenceOptimizer” feature. This impressive adaptive laser frequency stabilization technology helps to provide optimal optical return signals for all stand-off distances as well as highly reliable measurements on small devices such as ultrasonic motors or tools.

One of the main applications of the PSV-500-3D Scanning Vibrometer is the validation of CAE simulation models. Geometry data derived from Finite Element Models are uploaded by the PSV software and matched to a real prototype by simple referencing procedures. Deviations of model and prototype geometry are measured by the integrated geometry scan unit and are used for correcting the model’s geometry. The geometry sensor is now completely integrated into the scanning head and provides an excellent dynamic range for obtaining readings from nearly all surfaces without preparation. The geometry information together with high resolution data from the vibrometer and the open interfaces to the CAE world bridges the gap between simulation and test.

All of these new features and optimizations together represent a revolutionary package for engineers to solve their vibration tasks and provide qualified input data to the model validation, or simply a fresh insight into new dimensions of structural dynamics.

More info: http://www.polytec-ltd.co.uk/uk/products/vibration-sensors/scanning-vibrometers/

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