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Our pool table repair services include the reclothing of all slate bed tables. We have an extensive range of colours to choose from for your pool table repair so ring us today for a quote and to find out how our fully qualified engineers can help.

Snooker Table Repair

We have been specialist suppliers and snooker table repair professionals since 1982. We supply and provide snooker table repair for social clubs, pubs and for the leisure and entertainment industry.

We also provide the general public with high quality pool tables and offer a short and long term hire service for all snooker tables and pool tables.

Pool Table Hire

Our pool table hire service is ideal for clubs, pubs and events. Our pool table hire also includes a comprehensive table maintenance and support agreement.

Table Tennis Hire

We also have table tennis for hire consisting of high quality all-weather models perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Table tennis hire is suitable for commercial and domestic use and the easy to use table design means it can be folded away when not is use.

The table tennis comes with sponge bats, three balls and net. They are constructed from a thick melamine board with a strong frame undercarriage and guaranteed to last. Our hire services also come with free maintenance.


Our reclothing and refurbishment for slate bed tables and re-rubber tables offers a wide choice of colours to recloth your tables in.

Reclothing is undertaken by our qualified engineers so contact us today to get and quote and find out more.

Caddy Sofas

We have an excellent range of retro seating for domestic and commercial use including caddy sofas. Caddy sofas are available in a choice of colours and styles and our comfortable vinyl seats with Cadillac side wings, grille and transparent lights provide a truly unique and stylish seating arrangement.

Cadillac sofas are moulded from the classic form of the 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and will need to be near a mains supply in order to illuminate the lights. They are available with black or red exteriors and red or black striped seats. 

American Pool Tables

Our American pool tables include the Brunswick Isabella. This rare rosewood reproduction of a period antique is beautifully crafted and built to last.

Our American pool tables also include the Black Wolf tables, laminated to not only protect the rails but also the legs. The durable ABS pocket castings are manufactured from the same material major American auto manufacturers use for their bumpers. So you can be rest assured it will be incredibly difficult to damage or scratch this stunning pool table.  

Supreme Pool Diner

The supreme pool diner will satisfy everyone in the family. When not in playing mode, the supreme pool diner acts as a striking, light oak dining table with a 2 piece table top made out of one complete piece.

When you remove the two pieces, you reveal a league standard slate bed pool table built to exacting standards and ready to be enjoyed.

Football Tables

Our range of footballs tables includes BCE football tables and England table football games. We also supply Viper and SMILE football tables.


The Brunswick Isabella table is so beautiful it really needs its own paragraph. The Isabella is a reconstruction of a period antique pool table and produced in rare rosewood and Karelian birch.

It is a piece of enduring craftsmanship and the Brunswick certified slate and Lifetime Warranty really making it a one of a kind table. 

Big 4

Big 4 is a giant version of everyone's favourite table top game requiring skill, a sharp eye and strategy. As all players aim to get their four counters in a row they battle to stop their opponents from doing the same.

Our Big 4 games are constructed from a dark green painted wooden frame with red and yellow plastic playing counters.

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