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We design and manufacture filter dryers from small scale productions to complete process systems. They are highly effective and combine an ergonomic design suited for washing and isolating solids in a range of challenging production processes.

Our range of filter dryers consists of a number of refined standard filtration solutions. They can be used with or without integrated containment systems and through working closely with our customers, we strive to meet and ensure all requirements are fulfilled.

Lab Glass Filter Dryers

Lab glass filter dryers are modern pieces of laboratory and pilot plant equipment allowing flexible, lab-scale filtration and drying with the same results as full size PSL filter dryers. 

Our superior range of lab glass filter dryers includes Mini Lab GFD, Lab GFD and Maxi Lab GFD. They are operated in a vacuum and utilise a heated jacket for drying and life-out filtration basket for collecting the product.

Pilot Plant/Production Filter Dryers

Our agitated nutsche filter dryers (ANFD) are represents 23 years of innovation. It offers excellent filtration and drying performance along with high levels of safety.

Designed and engineered to ergonomic and efficient standards, our agitated nutsche filter dryers (ANFD) feature a differential mixing agitator. The filter drier agitator consists of a series of sharp curved blades that help to create efficient mixing when differential velocities are achieved.

Sterile Production Equipment

We manufacture and supply aseptic/sterile powder handling solutions. Our equipment is built to meet cGMP requirements when manufacturing sterile drug and biological products using aseptic processing.

We are experts in creating equipment for pharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications. Our products include:

  • Sterile Filter Dryers
  • Microsphere Formulation
  • Sterile Isolators
  • High Potent and Sterile Dual Isolators
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Containment Equipment

Contained Filtration

For the ultimate contained filtration and drying solution, our FilterBox is perfect for handling highly potent APIs and other highly active or cytotoxic compounds.

Using unique powder handling technology, this unit offers contained filtration, drying, charging, sampling, discharging, base-opening and cleaning, as well as filter mesh inspection and changing.


Simplefilter has a jacketed swing out base for optimum drying and easy removal of the product. It is a single-plate pressure filter with an effective off loading configuration with nitrogen purged 'Glovebag'.

The Simplefilter is a highly flexible product and can be adapted for mobile use.

Contained Powder Handling

We have over 23 years of experience designing and engineering advanced containment processes from small-scale production to full process systems. We offer complete quality and safety assured contained powder handling equipment for highly potent and valuable products.

Our product line of contained powder handling units supports the following industries:

  • pharmaceutical
  • biopharmaceutical
  • chemical
  • scientific laboratory

Dispensing and Sampling Isolators

Our dispensing isolators and sampling isolators can accommodate all sizes of pharmaceutical containers and achieve maximum containment levels. We have created these advanced systems with operator safety and protection in mind.

Our dispensing isolators and sampling isolators are designed for:

  • laboratories
  • clinical trials
  • production facilities

Charging Isolators

We have a complete range of contained vessel charging solutions. You can use our glovebox isolator for charging slurry and powder in reactors and other vessels.

They are designed to protect both the operator and the product down to nanograms containment levels. The appropriate level of containment can be selected to suit specific operating procedures of our charging isolators.

Mills and Micronizers

For the size reduction of active ingredients, we have created our contained micronizer mill/air jet mill glove box isolators. With the skill and understanding of every type of micronizer mill, we provide total mill adaptation within our glovebox isolator solutions.

Our contained micronizer mill/air jet mill glove box isolators feature total containment in a controlled and safe environment.

Tray Dryers

Our tray dyers are designed and manufactured with focus on efficiency, ergonomics and safety. They operate in cleans rooms and downflow booths with integration with our own containment isolators.

Tray dryers have a range of features to improve operator protection and ease of use. They are manufactured to laboratory production scale and meet the sterile requirements essential for drying toxic or volatile products.

Powder Systems Ltd

Powder Systems Ltd produces outstanding containment, product protection, pharmaceutical, and bioprocess solutions. We aim to innovate and develop containment solutions for growing potent compounds.

Powder Systems Ltd have a comprehensive range of process systems established in pilot plants and research and kilo laboratories to support bulk drug and oral solid dosage production. We strive to deliver high quality process solutions and containment to help enhance the performance of your business.

Our front end, integrated machinery is supplied to some of the largest pharmaceutical companies like GSK, Pfizer, Merck, Eli Nilly, and Novartis.

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