Powell LED

We are excited by the introduction of our new market-leading LED flexi strip. It has low operational costs and a long life. Our product has PVC and aluminium installation profiels for stairs, ceilings, pavement and drives. Our LED flexi strip also comes with electronic control options to work with all types of conventional dimmer systems.

Other features of our LED flexi strip include:

  • 24Vdc and other voltages to order
  • Waterproof IP66 rated
  • Crush proof extrusion
  • Dimmable and controllable by switches, DMX and other serial communications
  • Large choice of colours and LED spacing

Powell LED

At Powell LED, we are part of the F.Powell & Co Group of companies. We have 40 Years of experience in the design and manufacture of unique products for the entertainment industries. At Powell LED, we  will be focusing on the development of LED products to revolutionise the OEM, domestic and professional market.
Powell LED

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