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Downtime for most companies is their biggest fear, as it means at best, loss of valuable working time, reduced production, and of course, pressure to then 'catch up' on the loss of profit then follows; at worst, a complete power failure completely cripples a business, and even a short period without power can be catastrophic, with customers turning elsewhere for their continuity of supply. Here at Power Continuity we understand this and our highly skilled team of engineers can repair and maintain your existing generator and back up system, and make suggestions to make the run time more efficient thus saving costs. We supply and install from an extensive range of generators, and can recommend the most appropriate for your business needs.

Diesel Generators

We supply bespoke design diesel generators suitable for use on land or sea. We produce any size of diesel generator to supply your energy systems, and give you complete piece of mind. Our diesel generators provide emergency power systems that you control when your power supplier fails. These enable you to power mission critical equipment, allowing you 24-7 power so you can continue to use your applications.

UPS Power Systems

From Single Phase to 3 phase, 10 kVA to 6000kVA (6mVA) up to 6 megawatt parallel systems.

We provide UPS and generator systems design with complete flexibility to meet the specifications of your application in the most cost effective way. Our unique UPS and generator systems design gives you a fantastic choice of single or multi-module solutions enabling your power protection solution to exactly match your needs.

Our expert and skilled engineers will help you to decide on the best technical solution, supply and install the complete system including genset and all ancillaries, and discuss an appropriate service plan to suit your application.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

We supply turnkey uninterruptible power supply systems in all sizes from single phase to three phase industrial resilience systems models, including up to two megawatt parallel systems. As independent power protection engineers, we offer a fantastic choice of any brand of uninterruptible power supply systems to suit your individual requirements. Our UPS systems are used in industry sectors including medical, communications, finance and transport.

Power Protection System Installation

We provide incomparable power protection system installation alongside helping you to decide on the best technical solutions for your requirements. Your power protection is only viable with a full power protection system installation by qualified technicians. We project manage all the works from the design concept through to the completed project.

Silent Diesel Generators

At Power Continuity, we supply silent diesel generators as the most common way of providing emergency power for critical systems. We produce turnkey silent diesel generators to meet your specifications. Our generators are either fully automatic or manual.

Our selection of silent generators includes:

  • Silent canopied set

  • Silent acoustic and weatherproof canopy

  • Silent containerised generator

  • Silent marine containerised

  • Purpose built bespoke silent generators

Load Bank Testing

We supply expert load bank testing to prove the integrity of your UPS and complete electrical infrastructure. Our load bank testing is suitable for cabling, switchgear and generators. We come to your site and prove the integrity of your systems without any disruption to your clean protected power supply. We will test any make and any size in any location.

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