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PES – Power Efficient Systems is one of the country's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Energy Saving systems, power factor correction and voltage optimisation power savers for industrial and commercial clients within the UK.

Our approach to energy reduction at a plants source using a number proven technologies which includes Power Factor Correction and Voltage optimisation combined is quite unique within the United Kingdom and is proving to be a solid and cost effective route to reduce company energy costs and carbon emissions in an ever increasing energy conscious environment.

Power Factor Correction 

As a business you will hopefully now be aware of the Carbon Reduction Commitment, The Carbon Reduction Commitment is a mandatory carbon emissions trading scheme that covers all organisations using in excess of  6,000MWh per year of electricity. There are solutions available to help you achieve your targets,Power Factor Correction being one of the most efficient solutions currently available.

Power Factor Correction is a measure of electrical efficiency, a typical power factor not utilising Power Factor Correction in most commercial and industrial organisations is around 0.80pf (80% electrically efficient) which in real terms means a 1000 Kva transformer can only supply an 800Kw load, a reduction in utilisation by approximately 20% which can also be applied to the switch gear and cables. By using Power Factor Correction  this problem can be easily corrected.

Power Factor correction targets the “inductive reactive currents” by intelligently introducing capacitors into the supply to counteract any inductive element of the load. Power Factor Correction can increase the electrical efficiency to around 1.00pf (100% electrically efficient)  

Power Factor Correction Will give some excellent Savings on your monthly utility bills, Power Factor Correction will also reduce circuit currents which will allow additional loads to be fitted to an otherwise inefficient electrical system. Be sure to take advantage of all the savings you could make by using Power Factor Correction

Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Calculator
The energy saving calculator designed by Power Efficient Systems and based on the Carbon Trusts energy saving calculator is designed to give an accurate indication of the savings achievable through the introduction of power factor correction equipment and the highly efficient EnergyAce power optimiser.

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Power Factor Correction

Power Efficient Systems supply a number of Power Factor Correction products and cost effective energy reduction systems.

Our approach to energy reduction at a plants source using a number of proven technologies combined is quite unique within the United Kingdom and is proving to be a solid and cost effective route to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in an ever increasing energy conscious environment.

Should you require any further details then please feel free to contact a member of our team who will be happy to help you. 

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Power Factor Correction

Power Efficient Systems stock an extensive range of Power Factor Correction products which include Power Factor Correction Capacitors

  • Automatic Standard Power Factor Correction Capacitors S.T.P.F
  • Automatic Detuned Power Factor Correction Capacitors D.T.P.F
  • Semi-Automatic Capacitor Function Plates S.T.F.P
  • Semi-Automatic Detuned Capacitor Function Plates D.T.F.P

Static DOL Power Factor Correction

Designed for individual circuits where only a small degree of correction is required or cost is an issue, the E.N.C.range of Static - DOL - Enclosed Capacitors are specifically designed to make best use of space in Low Voltage switchrooms and with the emphasis placed on flexibility, our standard equipment dimensions can be modified to suit individual site requirements.

Ratings are available up to 200kVar and are usually housed in a small sheet steel enclosure with access through a removable cover or a hinged lockable door to effectively correct a low voltage supply or individual circuits.

The E.N.C.range of Static - DOL - Enclosed Capacitors are available in both standard and detuned versions which will cover all site conditions.

Power Efficient Systems Ltd manufacture equipment in accordance with recognised international standards, our independence allows assemblies to be furnished with quality proven components procured from quality assured sources while our collaboration with Vishay, one of the world's largest and quality conscious manufacturers of capacitors, and Siemens one of the world's most respected manufacturers of switchgear, allows us to manufacture cost effective energy saving products to a high standard ensuring unrivalled performance and reliability

The benefits of the E.N.C range of equipments:

  • Low cost solution to electrical efficiency & power quality issues
  • High quality capacitors with an exceptional overload capability
  • Flexibility in manufacture, size and rating
  • Quality components used throughout to ensure proven reliability
  • Manufactured to recognised international standards
  • Low loss assembly
  • Telephone or on site assistance available from experienced field engineers
Static DOL Power Factor Correction

EnergyAce Voltage Optimisation

What is the EnergyAce - Voltage Optimisation

EnergyAce is manufactured in the UK and is a highly efficient power optimiser installed in series with the main incoming supply. It is usually connected via a circuit breaker and bypass switch arrangement.

EnergyAce works by carefully controlling the voltage and reducing the overall energy consumption of a site by reducing kw/h consumption without any detriment to plant and operations.

EnergyAce works by carefully controlling the voltage and reducing the kw/h consumption of a site without any detriment to plant and operations.

EnergyAce is supplied as standard with web enabled monitoring software, which will allow you to monitor a sites power usage form anywhere in the world via an internet connection

EnergyAce is available with additional bolt on benefits to help improve the electrical efficiency to around 99%

EnergyAce is available with the additional bolt on benefits of Active Harmonic Filtering to ensure that a site complies with the latest Electricity Council's recommendations regarding harmonic distortion

EnergyAce Benefits and Savings

  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Reduces carbon emissions (see latest CRC legislation)
  • Reduces circuit currents
  • Reduces harmonic distortion
  • Reduced Maximum Demand and Capacity Charges
  • Improves electrical efficiency (power factor)
  • Improves plant utilisation
  • Extends the life of electronic components and plant
  • Protects from Transients Spikes & Surges  

EnergyAce Light technology reduces energy across a number of disciplines although in some applications like Storage Facilities, Parking Facilities and Operations that rely on a high degree of lighting, the main reduction of energy may be gained from optimising the lighting circuits alone to maximise a return on any investment by targeting the areas that would benefit the most.

EnergyAce technology does not work as effectively on some types of load. Maximum savings are usually gained on the more common inductive and lighting loads generated within an industrial or commercial environment and are far less likely to return any substantial savings on resistive and VSD loads, it is therefore important to understand the load profile of each individual site to ensure the predicted guaranteed savings are realised.

EnergyAce Voltage Optimisation

Harmonic Filters

The AHC Range of Active Harmonic Conditioners from Power Efficient Systems are available for use with a number of applications and are specifically designed to reduce the Current and Voltage distortion due to Harmonics.

Harmonics are generated in the main by non-liner loads (Thyristor Drives - Variable Speed Drives etc.) on a consumers installation, this could lead to a number of undesirable effects as detailed below:
  • Nuisance Tripping of circuits
  • Unexplained failures of electronic circuits & associated drives.
  • Malfunction of control systems.
  • Overload of capacitors and associated systems.
  • Excessive heating of transformer, switchgear and cables.
  • High neutral currents leading to neutral "Burn Out"
  • Interference of computer systems and telecommunications.

PES offer a complete solution to harmonic problems from the investigation of harmonic interference, identification, design, manufacture and the installation of a purpose built filter.
Sized correctly for the application, Active Harmonic Conditioners from Power Efficient Systems can remove all the aforementioned concerns and help to ensure compliance with the required standards for connection to an electrical utility supply. Commonly known as G5/4-1.
Harmonic Filters


Power Efficient Systems Ltd offer a complete consultancy service in the field of Energy Saving Solutions, Power Quality Surveys, Load Profiling and Harmonic Analysis.

Studies are available for many applications and solutions although each is designed to suit the individual requirements of a clients site, the clients expectations and their budget.

Plant & Process Energy Efficiency Surveys.

Surveys are carried out on single machine applications through to complex process operations throughout the United Kingdom with advice and detailed reports regarding all aspects of energy saving.

Service & Maintenance

Planned & Reactive Maintenance

Power Efficient Systems Ltd offer a comprehensive service and maintenance package for all power quality products and associated switchgear irrespective of manufacturer or location.

Power Factor CorrectionHarmonic Filters are somewhat specialised and offer a difficult challenge to general maintenance staff and contractors who may not be fully conversant with their operation and associated dangers, a malfunctioning capacitor bank can manifest a multitude of effects onto the main distribution system from Voltage Multiplication, Nuisance Tripping of Circuits and Unexplained Electrical Failures.
  Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filters are sometimes vital to a clients operation, Power Efficient Systems will ensure correct operation, reliability and that potential monthly savings are not compromised through our cost effective planned or reactive maintenance scheme.   Monthly savings could be compromised and financial penalties incurred along with an increase in circuit currents as a consequence of faulty power factor correction equipment.
Typical Penalties incurred through poorly maintained Power Factor Correction equipment are usually reflected in typical charges or penalties on the Electricity Utility Bill, these include 
  • Increased capacity or availability charges
  • Reactive power charge (a penalty for inefficient users)
  • Increased demand charges
  • Increased power usage
  • Increased Co2 emissions
Contact our main office now for a competitive maintenance package or a single visit. Tel: 01695 559785
Service & Maintenance


Power Efficient Systems carry a comprehensive range of capacitors and spares many of which are permanently in stock and available for same day / next day delivery with a facility for same day collection seven days a week.

Our stock items include:
  • Capacitors
  • Contactors
  • Detuning Reactors
  • Fuse Links
  • Power Factor Control Relays
  • Current Transformers
  • Voltage Transformers
  • Switchgear Lamps & Switches
  • Cables up to 400mm2
Contact us for advice or assistance on any related issues.

Surge Suppression

Power Efficient Systems Ltd offer a range of surge suppression solutions including class I & II combined lightning & surge suppression (T1 & T2) and class II surge suppression (T2)

Combined Lightning & Surge Suppression

This would normally be installed on the main incoming supply to plant irrespective of size, the unit is connected in parallel with the supply as close as possible to the incoming switch and main earthing point, this would protect the whole plant from externally born surges.

Supplementary Surge Suppression

This would Normally be installed on any sub circuits containing sensitive equipment to protect form any internally born surges and spikes etc, for example, this would normally be a sub distribution board supplying a computer suite or office.

Installation is similar to the Combined Lightning and Surge Suppression, connected in parallel with the distribution boards incoming switch / supply as close as possible to the incoming switch and main earthing point on the board to protect circuits connected to the board from other internally born surges and spikes.

Both systems can be supplied for single phase or three phase applications and are available in single pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole versions either as a single plug in din rail mounted unit for installation within an existing distribution board that can accept plug in mcb`s or supplied in an enclosure for installation onto any type of distribution board.

Please contact a member of our team on 01695 559785 or email post @pesgroupltd.co.uk for additional information

PCB Disposal & Removal Polychlorinated Biphenyls

Power Efficient Systems Ltd offer a range of services to safely & legally deal with PCB contaminated oils and PCB capacitors form identification, preparation, removal and safe disposal.

PCB officially known as Polychlorinated Biphenyls was first introduced as an insulating oil and was widely used in the manufacture of capacitors and transformers through the 1950s and most recently in the UK up to 1978
Polychlorinated Biphenyls, PCB capacitors were manufactured in the UK between 1958 and 1978 although the import of Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCB capacitors only ceased around 1982.
Identification can be difficult although our experience and detailed knowledge of the many trade names associated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls normally would enable an accurate and true identification.
Were identification cannot be verified or an accurate date of manufacture cannot be verified through detailed paperwork or where the find is small and uneconomical to carry out testing procedures on the oil, the find should be treated as contaminated and dealt with accordingly.
PCB capacitors were effectively banned at the end of 2002 although as in many cases, isolated finds do still occur which warrant immediate specialist disposal.
There is very stringent legal legislation covering the movement & disposal of PCB which must be adhered to in order to avoid prosecution.
Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCB Characteristics & Effects
  • PCB is non biodegradable and permanent in the environment when exposure occurs
  • PCB is absorbed by the skin, can be inhaled and can be accidentally consumed via hands
  • PCB causes Liver Damage, Cancer and Increases Blood Fats leading to Heart Disease.
  • PCB can cause a severe rash called Chloracne
  • If involved in fire, PCB creates Potychlorinated Dibenzoflurons and Potychlorinated Dibenzodioxins, both much more deadly than PCB alone and likened to Cyanide Gas.
  • Once identified, the fire service may not enter a building with PCB contamination, instead they may contain the fire only
  • A PCB fire can cause permanent long lasting contamination of surroundings leading to a termination of business, litigation and possible death of personnel.
For more information on Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCB in capacitors or transformers, please contact a member of our team on 01695 559785, email us on post@pesgroupltd.co.uk or contact the Environment Agency.

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Power Factor Capacitors

The S.T.P.F range of standard automatic power factor correction capacitor banks are specifically designed to optimise space in Low Voltage switchrooms  with the emphasis placed on flexibility, our standard dimensions of the equipment can be modified to suit individual site requirements.

Power Factor Capacitors

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