Power Magnetics

Power Magnetics is a UK based distributor to the coil winding industry .  

We stock an extensive range of  ferrite and iron powder cores, bobbins and clips etc. and are authorised UK Agents for Micrometals-Arnold,   Lodestone, Hitachi, Cosmo and Tomita. We also stock and distribute Yeng Tat, Tak,  Norwe parts. 

Technical backup is available and we can source components for specific applications.

Product Range

Ferrite gapping service for Power Magnetics supplied cores.

We are an authorised Micrometals-Arnold stockist and stock Iron Powder Cores and the following Alloy Powder Core types:  Molypermalloy (MPP) Cores; Iron -Silicon (Fe-Si) Cores; Hi-Flux Powder Cores; Super MSS (Sendust) Powder Cores.

Power Magnetics is a distributor of  Furukawa Triple Insulated Wire and holds stock of most sizes of Tex-E wire. We also stock Tex-F Wire,  Tex-FS Wire, Tex-BS Wire, Tex-ELZ Wire (7-strand) and other Furukawa wires, including Tex FSX-E Wire and Tex FWX-E Wire (primarily designed for telecommunications TNV devices). We offer a de-reeling facility for customers who require a small amount of wire or are winding multi-filer and therefore require wire to be equally split between a specified number of reels. 

Our Ferrite Product Range Includes: 

  • Ferrite U Cores;  Ferrite E Cores;  Ferrite Drum Cores;  
  • Ferrite Toroids;  Ferrite RM Cores:  Ferrite ETD Cores;  
  • Ferrite PQ Cores;  Ferrite Rods
Product Range

Lodestone Pacific Range

Our Lodestone Pacific Range Includes:

VTM (Vertical Toroid Mount);  HTM (Horizontal Toroid Mount)
TM (Toroid Mount);  STM (Surface Toroid Mount)
TR (Toroid Retainer);  HTC (Horizontal Toroid Cup)
TCM (Toroid Common Mode);  VTB (Vertical Toroid Boat)
VTC (Vertical Toroid Cup);

 Lodestone Pacific Range

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