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We provide complete and comprehensive value added and custom power solutions.

The extensive library of designs and products coupled with the experience of our engineering team in power (including thermal, mechanical and EMC/EMI) design along with advanced development lab and CAD tools allows the rapid design and realisation of custom power solutions from several watts to kilowatts.

We are often able to offer a custom solution for lower volumes than other suppliers due to a ‘Value Added’ approach which bases the final product on our field-proven and patented brick technology. This also leads to the provision of a solution on a quick timescale and with minimal NRE charges.

If you’re looking for something ‘out of the ordinary’ let us solve your problem.

Some examples of our custom power solution:

  • Modified standard power supplies
  • Custom power supplies
  • Power supply racks & assemblies
  • Turn key power systems
  • Fully customised power solution

DC DC Power Supplies

We provide a comprehensive range of DC DC power supplies including DC-DC converter modules, bulk DC DC power units and custom DC power supply solutions. From 0.25W right up to 6000W, Powerstax can provide a DC DC power solution for every type of application, industry and environment.

A combination of original thinking, leading edge technology and our own patented topology has resulted in a market leading F501 Full Brick size 500W DC DC converter, providing full load efficiency of over 90% and with an outstanding power density of 5.53W/cm³ (90W/in³).

As a leading UK designer and manufacturer of DC DC power supplies our products combine high reliability, increased flexibility and enhanced performance giving designers versatile, cost effective and rapid solution to their DC DC power requirements.

AC DC Power Supplies

We provide a complete range of bulk power and modular AC DC power supplies solutions.

The Bulk Power range demonstrates our capability to build complete energy systems using compact and high power density 1U AC DC product (rectifiers), 2U AC and DC product, intelligent controllers and power distribution panels with battery support. Standard, custom or bespoke solutions are available, from individual power units as a component part of a system to complete AC and DC systems.

We offers two ranges of highly configurable, multi-output modular switch mode power supplies of up to 1450W that allow easy and rapid configuration of a custom power solution. Ultra high efficiencies of over 90% and an industry leading 15W/in³ power density provides a compact and versatile power solution.

Medical Power Supplies

We offer two ranges of medically approved power supplies.

Medistax® is a family of highly configurable, multi-output modular switch mode power supplies of up to 1340W that allows easy and rapid configuration of a custom power solution. Ultra high efficiencies of over 90% and an industry leading 15W/in³ power density provides a compact and versatile power solution.

Premium Single Series are single output units that are available in a 504W convection cooled open-frame U-channel format and a 1008W fully enclosed fan cooled format. They offer outputs of 24VDC or 48VDC with a wide adjustment range and are 2 MOPP approved for use in patient contact equipment.

Transformer Rectifiers

Our Drake family of Transformer Rectifiers are available up to 750kVA and use digitally controlled thyristors to achieve the required voltage and current profile. Switched-mode technology is available for  and systems can be air, oil or water cooled and sealed to IP65 using purge and pressure techniques for Zone 1 and 11 areas.

AC Sources and High Voltage Power Supplies

Through our agreement with the specialist USA partner – Behlman Electronics Inc, we can provide an enhanced range of AC sources, DC and HV Power Supplies, Frequency Converters and Inverters.

We can now also provide special focus on avionic applications with a range of 115VAC@400Hz power & test solutions and a range of AC-DC and DC-DC PSU for aircraft. In addition, These rugged, efficient, reliable power systems which range from a few watts to over 100,000VA, boost our capabilities in a wide variety of applications including production, test, laboratories, oil and gas exploration, transportation, aerospace and defence

Ideal for cost-effective conversion from and to any single-phase shipboard, avionics or world wide power, these products provide a comprehensive AC-AC product range from 1350VA up to 120kVA which offer variable AC voltage and frequency (45-10kHz) plus optional features such as three phase input, IEEE-488, RS232, Extended Frequency, extra output voltages and CE marking.

MIL COTS Power Solutions

Our MIL COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) power supply range includes a number of single and multi-output DC DC converters, switching regulators, pre-regulator and hold-up modules and EMC filters.

In our defence product range, we also offer an AC DC active power factor correction (PFC) module to provide front-end power conditioning for high input voltage DC DC modules.

Kingshill Power Supplies

We offer replacements and alternatives for Kingshill Linear, Regulated & Un-regulated Power Supplies and other discontinued ranges. The range offers form, fit and function replacements for discontinued items from Kingshill and other manufacturers. This practical, cost-effective alternative enables a quick and simple solution for replacement of existing Kingshill installations. Use of our replacement products helps to speed the selection process, minimise engineering disruption and reduce the large investment traditionally associated with a power supply re-design.

We can help you solve your most demanding power applications and reverse engineering requirements with reliable, quality products, personal service and prompt delivery.


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