Powertronic Drive Systems Ltd - Henley Division

Powertronic Drive Systems now comprises two divisions located at Henley and Lichfield. Both divisions supply AC and DC electric motors, gearmotors and controls to US, NEMA and metric standards at competitive prices to OEMs and end users for use in a wide range of applications. Standard, modified or highly customised specific designs are available from many global sources giving you the best chance to meet your application requirements for quality, price and delivery.

Henley Division specialise in supplying to Scientific, Instrumentation, Light Industrial, Medical and Special Machine manufacturers and systems houses.
  • Technologies on offer for motors include Brushless and DC Servo, Hybrid and PM Stepper, AC Synchronous and Induction.
  • A broad range of drives and controls for Single and Multi-axis speed and positioning, combined PLC/HMI and DIN rail mounting Relay modules.
  • Power range is typically from 1Watt to 5kW and speeds from 1rev/day to 20,000rpm. Units are available for unusual environments such as vacuum, cryogenic, submersible, radiation, explosion proof, space and high temperature.
Lichfield Division specialities include the following:
  • custom built gearmotors for oem applications
  • flameproof motors and gearmotors for chemical, petrochemical and other high risk environments
  • relays, small motors and dispensing valves for vending machines
  • sales and refurbishment of mechanical variators
Contact details for Lichfield Division are:-
Tel: 01543 255995; Fax: 01543 250316, web: www.acdcpowerdrives.co.uk
Sales Manager:- Mike Gallagher

Powertronic Drive Systems Ltd - Henley Division Overview