PPM Energie Germany GmbH


Since the mid nineties, the PPM Technologie Group, which is based in Asperhofen near Vienna, has specialised in the use of material energy cycles. Our medium-sized company has used a patented process on our own system since the beginning of the millennium. This is the perfect way to try out and optimise processes in practice.

With its experienced technical personnel, the company is a world market leader in compact, decentralised systems for the manufacture of biodiesel. Numerous projects in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Spain and Australia are included on our list of references. We received the 2008 Biofuels Technology Award in recognition of our achievements.

In addition to the biodiesel systems, we have planned biogas systems and successfully put them into operation. With the development of biofuels, a further component has been added to systems – block heat and power plants. System components like storage tanks have also been integrated into and managed by our own control systems.

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