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PPM Power is a specialist distributor of power electronics, high voltage components and design tools.  We supply the UK with products on behalf of companies such as ABB Semiconductor, EBG, DAU, HVCA, CKE, Kanthal, Plexim, Typhoon-HIL, Teledyne LeCroy, LEM, TDK-Lambda and Heinzinger.  Our products range from active and passive components through simulation software to bi-directional power supplies.

At PPM Power we pride ourselves in providing a diverse range of products to an assortment of industries and markets including: 

  • Power electronics
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Laser
  • Military equipment
  • Industrial processing
  • Universities
  • Research laboratories
  • Power solutions

Leading Manufacturers

We are the selected partner to sell products for several leading manufacturers such as:

  • EBG high power resistors
  • DAU heat sinks
  • ABB semiconductors
  • HVCA high voltage diodes & rectifiers
  • Stangenes HV pulse/Isolation transformers
  • TDK lambda programmable power supplies
  • UltraVolt high voltage power supplies
  • Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes
  • Plexim power electronic simulation software
  • Typhoon real-time simulation system

High voltage/high power resistors

EBG’s resistors regulate voltage, for instance, in power electronics of frequency converters for locomotives or wind turbines as well as in modern medical equipment. Their advantage is a very low temperature and voltage coefficient, a high degree of stability, high-temperature resistance, and very low tolerances.

Non-inductive ceramic resistors

When traditional resistors just won't do for your tough design problem, Kanthal Globar non-inductive bulk ceramic resistors offer the solution. We offer a full line of rugged, reliable bulk ceramic resistors - including custom designs - to meet the high voltage/energy requirements of the most demanding applications.

Programmable power supplies

TDK Lambda  - the global leader in progammable AC-DC power supplies
brings us the unique Genesys series of switch mode laboratory power supplies.

High voltage power supplies

Our high voltage (ALE branded) products cover voltages from 1kV to 50kV and power levels from 500 W to 50kW in a single package. TDK-Lambda has the capability to provide all of your power conditioning needs with both off the shelf and custom solutions.

High precision power supplies

Heinzinger concentrates on the development and production of high-precision and technically challenging power supplies.  Solutions and devices up to 10,000A, or 300,000V are available.  High precision variants are available for most product ranges.  This offers ripple, noise and 8h stability down at 10ppm levels if required.

PLECS power electronics software

PLECS® is a tool of choice for high-speed simulations of power electronic systems.  It is available in two editions:
• PLECS Blockset - for seamless integration with MATLAB®/Simulink®
• PLECS Standalone - a completely independent product

High voltage diodes & rectifiers

HVCA provide an unparalleled range of high voltage components including high voltage diodes, rectifier assemblies, full wave bridges and ceramic capacitors.

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