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We are extremely advanced when it comes to scheduling software and production planning which makes us the world wide leaders. We provide production planning to a large number of businesses, helping them to achieve more and make a worth while investment.

Planning Software

Rather than use the normal spreadsheet grid to measure production, our planning software uses scheduling roots to find the capacity available. The planning software can be used to set up high level processes and is perfect for long term use.

Planning Software

Preactor Express

Preactor Express is our newest service offering you scheduling solutions. As your requirements become more demanding you are able to easily upgrade to one of our other solutions. Preactor Express is used by many companies around the world who are already getting all the benefits from the service.

Preactor 200 FCS

The Preactor 200 FCS solution includes services such as the delivery buffer and transfer batching feature. Our Preactor 200 FCS can be used alongside and with our other packages.

Preactor 500 APS

The Preactor 500 APS has Advanced Material Control (AMC) solutions so that materials can be made or used at any operation step within an order. The Preactor 500 APS will help to make your jobs much more efficient and cost effective.

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