Precision Acoustics Ltd


Precision Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of test equipment for ultrasound measurement.s in frequency range 0.1-60MHz.   Products include membrane, needle and fibre-optic hydrophones along with ultrasound transducers for research purposes.

To complement the hydrophones we can supply fully automated scanning systems These provide motion control, data anaylsis and acoustic parameter report generation to satisfy international measurement standards. 

We can offer access to a full range of acoustic measurement services for medical and non medical ultrasound transducers.

The accurate characterisation of temporal and spatial parameters of a medical ultrasonic field is important for safety reasons. Using our fully automated test tanks, Precision Acoustics can measure the parameters required by international safety standards and regulatory organisations in the frequency range 0.5-20MHz.

Non medical products often require characterisation so that beam profiles and bandwidths can be quantified. Precision Acoustics can undertake measurements according to the relevant international standards to assess the beam profile and calculate the beam width for non-destructive testing transducers.

We also have the capability to characterise the acoustic properties of a wide range of fluids, gels and solid materials in the frequency range 0.5-10MHz. 

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