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As one of the worlds leading manufacturers of High Precision Balls we take pride in our reputation for delivering high quality balls and ball products in a wide variety of materials and tolerance grades.

Our Manufacturing and Sales Headquarters in England, combined with an extensive Distributor Network allows us to fully support our customers anywhere in the world.

Whatever your precision ball needs, we have the ability and desire to deliver the right product, on time, every time.

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Tungsten Nickel Balls

At Precision Ball and Gauge Co., ball production takes place using a wide selection of materials as well as a wide range from standard to intermediate diameters. We also specialise in small production runs of non-standard precision balls.

Tungsten Nickel Balls

Tungsten Carbide Balls

Tungsten Carbide Balls
With massive stocks of quality balls from 0.4mm to 100.00mm diameters we are sure to stock your exact requirements.
From our highly organised delivery system, to our three day turn around on most special production orders (subject to quantity ordered).... we offer a service rarely matched by our competitors. 

Tungsten Carbide Balls

Ceramic Balls

These high quality ball sets are used extensively in: Standard Laboratories, Inspection Depadments, Tool Rooms and for measuring internal grooves, tapers and setting comparators.

Each individual set can be supplied with or without its own wooden display case and certificate of calibration.

These are the ultimate ball sets for total accuracy.

  • All Ball Sets available in Grade 10 or 25.
  • Manufactured in Tungsten Carbide of hardened Stainless Steel.
  • Supplied in an attractive solid ash case.
  • Available in Standard sets of
    • 1mm to 25mm in 1mm increments.
    • 1/32 inch to 1 inch
    • To Customer specification
  • All sets can be supplied with a certificate of Calibration which lists the actual diameter for each balls.
  • In house (ISO 9002) Certificates supplied with each set.
  • Certificates traceable to NIST or NAMAS available on request.
Ceramic Balls

Silicon Nitride Balls

Tooling Fixture and Checking Balls
Tungsten Carbide and hardened Stainless Steel Balls are widely used to provide locations and position reference for both manufacturing tooling and for metrology. Tungsten carbide has the advantage of high hardness 1500 - 1600 Hv, and a low coefficient of expansion.

Stainless Steel offers the same dimensional accuracy, and has a coefficient of expansion which matches most steels. It does require greater care in handling, but is preferred in some metrology and fixturing applications.

Silicon Nitride Balls

Chrome Steel Balls

Precision Ball & Gauge Co. specialise in the manufacturer and supplier of Precision Balls for any application.
As a fully independent company, we are highly flexible are able to source raw material from leading suppliers world-wide.

Chrome Steel Balls

Custom Balls

With the latest state of the art equipment housed in our temperature controlled inspection room, held at 20'C, each order undergoes the most rigourous checking procedures available.

Diameter measurements are made using Heidenhain Certo 60 Comparators which are capable of measurement ± 0.05µm.

Custom Balls

Ball Ended Plug Gauges

Ball Ended Plug Gauges
Gauges are available double or single ended with either Taper-lock or Wire type handles.

General Bore Gauging, Checking Radii, Thread and Gear Measurement.

Gauging is carried using a single ball diameter, and is correct irrespective of gauge alignment allowing rapid in-process checking without the risk of jammed or broken gauges.

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