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We clean both metal pan suspended ceilings and any lighting louvres in any commercial premises as a turnkey solution. 

Our service provides cost saving alternatives to using separate contactors for ceiling cleaning and lighting louvre cleaning. Our services minimise disruption and delays as both operations are carried out simultaneously.

Lighting Louvres after Ultrasonic Cleaning

Our cleaning service helps to avoid any contamination from the ceiling cleaning process soiling your lighting louvres. We will work out of hours and weekends if necessary to clean your lighting louvres in order to avoid any inconvenience to you and your clients.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We provide offices, commercial and industrial premises ultrasonic cleaning of their lighting louvres and ceiling panels. In facilities that use highly reflective lighting louvres, reflectors and diffusers, they are often a highly efficient lighting solution. However, when dust and dirt adheres to the louvre surface over time, it reduces the lighting output by up to 40%.

The most effective, quickest and efficient solution is to use ultrasonic cleaning for lighting louvres, reflectors and diffusers.

Ceiling Cleaning

Our ceiling cleaning service provides a more effective option than replacement. Dirt, grime and bacteria will discolour suspended acoustic ceiling panels over time and cleaning is a far cheaper and more effective option than painting, coating or replacing the panels.

As part of our process, we will clean ceilings in-situ, working outside office hours, at night, or at weekends to minimise disruption to your business.  The ceiling cleaning process will remove harmful bacteria, pollution and allergens from your office environment.

Precision Cleaning Technology

Precision Cleaning Technology is the UKs leading ultrasonic cleaning specialists. We are able to offer a professional ceiling cleaning service. Unique to Precision Cleaning Technology is our triple chamber ultrasonic cleaning bath with the added benefit of a final de-ionised rinse to produce an absolutely contamination-free finish.

We uses of high-frequency sound waves (above the upper range of human hearing) to remove soil and contaminants from objects immersed in a tank containing a cleaning solution.

Complete Lighting and Cleaning Service

As part of our complete lighting and ceiling cleaning services, we make every effort to protect your working environment. We make sure all desks and computers covered prior to work commencing.

We conduct a full site survey and a detailed quotation will be provided. With our complete lighting and ceiling cleaning service, we will highlight any issues that may be significant to the success of the cleaning operation such as damaged ceiling panels or lighting louvers.

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