Precision Manufacturing Ltd


What can we offer you?

PML is a modern, clean and efficient factory that is temperature and humidity controlled along with the strictest of ESD procedures and is certified to ISO 9000. We offer a large range and variety of production equipment that can be quickly configured for our customer’s requirements, ensuring you of an optimised production facility, maintaining top quality with minimal cost. Our operators are trained to IPC610 working to all classes.

Control within the plant is maintained by an ERP system that uses MRPII at its core. Our customers are kept up to date by a dedicated customer support team who will advise as to the status of their order at any time.

PML offer a broad and comprehensive contract electronics package. With the experience and machinery to efficiently handle a full box build, Precision Manufacturing can take shipment of individual components and produce a fully tested, labelled and packaged product. Uniquely, we can call on the warehousing and logisitics network used right across our entire group to ensure a smooth storage and delivery solution that meets your needs and budget.

Cutting-edge Mechatronic & Electro Mechanical Assembly

Having invested heavily in automated production machinery, Precision Manufacturing assemble high-quality boards at a speed and cost that will pleasantly surprise you. Four individual production lines, with additional machines on standby, handle even the most demanding production requirement. Key is the speed and consistency that only automated production brings, ensuring that the last board off the line performs identically to the first approved sample.

Prototype & Assembly Expertise

With a line configured for high-quality, small batch, fast turn prototyping, Precision Manufacturing have experience and facilities to take a concept from design screen to reality. Design For Manufacture input will ensure a trouble-free and high quality build every time. Fine tuning of this type is best carried as soon as possible, so Precision Manufacturing’s production engineers are on hand to assist you right from the first time you make contact with us.

A Worry Free Supply Chain

Precision Manufacturing is acutely aware that reliablility and quality of supply is vital for you and your customers, particularly if you are running your own Lean or JIT processes. A trusted network of suppliers allows us to deliver what we say, when we say - and with the minimum of fuss. If you are looking for hard-to-find components, cost efficient purchasing solutions or want to simplify your own supply chain, you are now able to access this established network in partnership with Precision Manufacturing saving you time, money and hassle.

Experienced Problem Solvers

You can be confident that products supplied by Precision Manufacturing will be of high quality, on-spec and will enjoy long service life. This may not always be the case with products assembled elsewhere, so we can help if products need a hotfix, re-work or recall. Our experts can identify faulty components or poorly assembled boards, working with you to find cost-effective and speedy resolutions. We will provide you with a service solution that gets working products back out to your customers with minimum of delay or inconvenience.


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