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Precision Microdrives is a reliable and helpful supplier of precision made, miniature, low voltage, DC vibrator motors, DC geared motor assemblies and brushed DC motors. We stand for delivering ‘On time & To Spec’

Our DC motor frames range from Ø4mm ~ Ø100mm, with rated voltages of 1.5 ~ 24v DC. We can customise motors - common changes include performance changes, leads, connectors, wiring looms and output mechanisms. 

Vibration Motors

We manufacture parts for many industries from automotive to automation, adult to aerospace and are the market leader in tactile haptic feedback and operator vibration alerting. We also manufacture many of the small DC motor and miniature geared motor mechanisms currently commercially available.

For certain customers we offer full product development and manufacturing services for complicated or high-end consumer products, particularly in medical and well-being markets. We’re of most value where a cost-effective precision motion forms the basis of a design brief. 

Stock DC Motors

We carry a wide range of stock DC motors available in 1+ quantities that are shipped same-day from our UK warehouse. We deliver worldwide via tracked airmail and UPS, and can take payment via MasterCard and Visa, as well as purchase orders. For established customers we offer account services.

Our team of competent and friendly vibration application engineers, are always happy to offer general usage advice and support for integrating our parts into your design. In our London laboratory we have a suite of in-house developed motor testing machines, and we often use these to characterise customers’ motors and develop a performance equivalent alternatives.

If you’re looking for a small DC motor/motion product, send us an email or give us a call - if we can’t solve your problem, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction! 

Coin Vibration Motors

The Pico Haptic range of micro DC vibrating motors consists of coreless 'bar/cylinder' types, and voicecoil driven coin vibration motors. Containing Ø4mm, Ø5mm, Ø6mm and Ø7mm DC vibrator motors, the range contains the smallest vibration motors available. All motor in the Pico Haptic range are based on a RoHS compliant coreless design with NdFeB Neodymium magnets and windings designed for either single (1.5v), or double/lithium (3v) cells.

These parts are ideal for portable applications where haptic feedback can be used to alert operators and users of an event, much like an LED or speaker/buzzer. We offer a good example of integrating these parts

To makes integration (particularly retrofits) easier, we offer a number of form factors, allowing the use of free-mounting, PCB through-hole / surface mount variants, encapsulated and self-adhesive ‘coin’ types. Common modifications to the Pico Haptic range includes the addition of connectors and variations to the leads.  

Vibrator Motors

Our Precision Haptic range contains coreless and brushless ‘bar’ type DC vibration motors in Ø10mm, Ø12mm, Ø14mm and Ø20mm diameters.

Based on RoHS compliant brushless/coreless designs, these motors are often used in high value products that require more efficient, reliable and longer life haptic vibration feedback or vibration generation; this range is widely used in premium automotive and medical motor applications.

Being larger, motors in this range are all free-mounting - i.e it’s up to the designer and our support team to devise a collet or fitting to contain the motor in the enclosure. Most motors in this range come with terminals. We commonly add flying leads and connectors to these vibration motors. 

Vibrator Motor customisation

The Vibration Generator range are of DC vibration motors are available in Ø8mm, Ø10mm, Ø12mm, Ø16mm and Ø20mm diameters. Their RoHS compliant designs are based on more traditional laminated iron-core designs with higher inertias and lower efficiencies which is why they are less suitable for handheld haptic/tactile feedback than the pico or precision haptic ranges.

They are however used extensively in consumer products and cheaper instruments which are highly price sensitive. All motors in this range come with terminals, and are free-mountable. Like all of our products we offer a motor customisation service where we can modify performance aspects, add leads, connectors, modify the eccentric mass and add wiring looms.

We do carry a wide range of stock parts for prototyping and that can act as a basis for modification. 

Large Vibration Motors

Our largest range is the Vibration Shaker range which contains Large vibrating motors in Ø24mm, Ø36mm and Ø45mm diameters.

These RoHS motors are typically used to aid mechanical processes, for example hopper feeds or motor massaging apparatus. They are also used extensively to mix/emulsify powders and liquids in laboratory and consumer applications.

These motors are free mounted and come with both flying leads and terminals as standard. We also offer some plate-steel clamps to make it easier to mount them onto surfaces.  

PCB Mounted Vibration Motors

Our range of PCB mounted vibrator motors are available in Ø4mm, Ø6mm cylinder types, and Ø10mm coin vibrator motor sizes.   

These motors in the Pico-haptic range are used in a wide range of hand-held applications to offer vibration / tactile and haptic feedback. Generally the biggest draw for using PCB mounted and SMD vibration motors is that they often don't require changes to the product's enclosure and can avoid expensive tooling and redesign.  

We offer a range of PCB mounted vibrator motors that reduce the design-in time, and make for easy assembly. These motors come in three different form factors: through-hole PCB vibration motors, SMD / SMT reflow vibrating motors and Spring & pad connected vibration motors. 

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