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Precision Solutions promotes a wide range of specialist design, manufacturing, testing and evaluation facilities from one of the world's leading missile companies, MBDA. These capabilities have been grouped into four major disciplines: Environmental Solutions, Manufacturing Solutions, Optical Solutions and Sensor Solutions.

Precision Solutions provides a commercial outlet for defence and aerospace engineering applications or any engineering discipline that might benefit from MBDA’s expertise, which meets the rigorous technical requirements demanded by the defence industry.
Facilities available through Precision Solutions include:

Environmental Solutions
• Radiation Effects
• Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
• Environmental Engineering
• Materials Laboratory
• Human Factors
Manufacturing Solutions
• Systems and Sub Systems, Assembly & Test
• Electronics & Circuit Card Assemblies
• Cable Harness Manufacture
• Optical Production

Diamond Machining

Optical Solutions
Diamond Machining
• Interferometry, including manufacture of infrared interferometers
• Optical Design
Sensor Solutions
• HWIL Countermeasures
• Enhanced Vision Systems
• Guidance, Control & Navigation
• RF Innovations Group

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Environmental / Climatic Testing

It is not always sufficient to carry out climatic tests individually, because environments occur in combination in the real world. Our specialist facilities provide the ability to simulate combinations such as temperature, pressure and vibration or to vibrate at temperature extremes from -55ºC to +135ºC. Whatever the conditions, the environmental laboratory is able to simulate a range of natural and induced environmental conditions that are likely to be encountered anywhere on land, at sea or in the air.

Conditions and test cycles defined in national and international specifications can be simulated, including:

EMC Testing

The Electromagnetic Engineering and Technology EMC Facility offers a comprehensive test, design advice, prediction and analysis and computational electromagnetics service to cover a wide range of specifications. It is a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Very large systems or individual units can be accommodated in test chambers up to 1800 cubic metres volume. In addition to the impressive test facilities, the following can be offered:

Qualification testing

  • Transient/Rad Haz Safety trials
  • Design Advice and Pre-qualification testing
  • NEMP/ESD/Lightning assessments
  • The facility also benefits from a dedicated laboratory/workshop.

EMC Test Facilities

EMC Test Capabilities

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