Premier Plating Works (Walthamstow) Ltd


Premier Platings Works Ltd, established in 1934 and based in North East London, provide electroplating and metal finishing services.

Electroplating: Premier Plating pride themselves in the range of electroplating and metal finishing services offered. All zinc plating is carried out using trivalent coatings and chrome finishes are non hexavalent. Some of the specialist services offered include electroless nickel plating, antique finishing, selective plating, precision masking and multiple finishes.

Quality:  Premier Plating works hard to ensure that your work is perfect. The factory is equipped with a Rolls Royce power generator ensuring that no time is ever lost due to power strikes and operates a state of the art quality control facility incorporating x-ray fluorescence for surface coating and material analysis as well as salt spray testing. Premier Plating Works operate full lot traceability through out the plant and provide certificates of conformity where required.

Silver Plating

Rack & barrel plating

Types: Silver, Bright Silver, Dull, Silver Oxidised

Benefits: Excellent Electrical Conductance, Decorative, Wear Resistance, Thermal Conductance, Excellent Anti-Fretting Properties (silver oxidised - blackened and then relieved for antique effect)

Applications: Electronic Contacts & Components, Decorative, Antiquing

Silver Plating

Gold Plating

Rack & barrel plating + gilt

Types: Deep, Antique, Bright, Dull

Benefits: Conductivity, Corrosion Resistance, Decorative

Applications: Electronics, Jewelry, Engineering, Antiques, Bathrooms

Chrome Plating

Rack and barrel non hexavalent chromium plating, copper/nickel base

Types: Chrome, Bright Chrome

Benefits: Wear Resistant, Decorative

Applications: Decorative, Tooling, Architectural, Machinery

Chrome Plating

Zinc Plating

Rack and barrel zinc plating using tri-valent coatings

Types: Clear, Blue & Colour Passivation.

Benefits: Corrosion and Wear Resistance

Applications: Marine, Automotive, Engineering, Machinery, Manufacturing

Zinc Plating

Brass Plating

Rack and barrel, oxidising + lacquering

Types: Polish, Semi-Bright, Satin, Bright, Bronzing, Gilting (Brass & Lacquer)

Benefits: Decorative, Base Coat

Applications: Manufacturing, Decorative, Antiquing

Brass Plating
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