Premier Solutions


We supply a wide range of equipment and services in the form of bar code and data collection solutions.

These solutions include bar code scanning. We provide Datalogic Heron USB scanner kits to a number of authorities and their software vendors. With the included stand they can be used hands free allowing faster processing. A five year warranty is included as standard.

Label Printing

We also provide comprehensive label printing solutions. For label printing, we offer an extensive range of thermal label printers. These thermal printers are suitable for numerous application requirements.

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Mobile Data Collection

For mobile data collection, we have a range of periphery products. These include Asset Manager and Ticket Master. These mobile data collection units both utilise portable data collection facilities in order to provide accurate information on the business activity.

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Radio Data Collection

We provide leading and comprehensive solutions for radio data collection.

For radio data collection, we have a number of radio terminals together with a software interface to our master part data. These radio terminals have even been extended to provide data for the shipping notification to the customer.


RFID (radio frequency identification) is becoming more commonly used and relied upon every day. We offer RFID for requirements and applications such as concession passes.

With our RFID tags there is no need for optical devices as they work via radio. This means customers can even have their tags read through a wallet or car windscreen.

Service and Support

For all of the products and services we supply, we provide professional and in-depth service and support.

We have well established relationships with the major manufacturers and can arrange and manage service provision for a variety of equipment, from printers to portable terminals.

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