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We have long been respected and regarded as a leading force in aluminium pressure die casting. We have invested substantially in our aluminium pressure die casting facilities and offer our clients outstanding products and services with a range of applications and specialist work.

We use Raydyne bulk melting facilities to create aluminium alloys. We safeguard the high quality of our material by using our in-house spectrometers.

We have also developed our foundry in order to produce fully automatic die casting cells to provide a highly repeatable process and aluminium pressure die casting build on low on labour content.


We have continually developed and installed state of the art diecasting equipment to allow us to stay ahead of the competition and offer our clients solutions for the future.

We are the very best in diecasting and can design and supply correct, fully finished items to your exact requirements and completed to the high standards. 

CNC Machining Services

Our CNC machining services include the use of advances, high-speed CNC machining centres. We have many years experience of CNC machining services and machining to high tolerances and still maintaining our high productivity.

As well as our CNC machining services, we also have lathes from Chiron, DMG and Matsuura. We can produce fully finished products on time and to your specific needs. 

Aluminium Finishing Services

As part of our process development engineering department, we provide quality aluminium finishing services. Our inhouse facilities include shot blasting, vibratory deburring, finishing and assembly work.

We have invested extensively in aluminium finishing services. Our plant and processes and also use outside suppliers to provide us with painted, chrome plated and anodised parts.

Our highly skilled tool makers also work as part of our process development engineering ethic and ensure our improvements to the die and modifications we make are carried out inhouse by our qualified team.

Design For Manufacture

We design for manufacture and understand how essential good die design is to the success of any diecasting company. Even the most innovative techniques and facilities can stand up against quality die design.

We design for manufacture because we believe providing optimum variables such as cavity orientation, gate velocities and cooling channels ensure we achieve our objectives including high productivity and low reject levels. 

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