Presspart Manufacturing Ltd



With more than 40 years' experience and a worldwide reputation for competence, quality and innovation, Presspart specialises in high precision components for the Industrial and Pharmaceutical markets.

Industrial Division

Presspart’s Industrial division is no stranger to working with complicated parts. We pride ourselves on doing what others can’t. Our continued reputation for the highest quality parts reassures customers they are working with a world leading company. The Industrial division was chosen to cover a wide variety of industries and applications. As specialists in high-volume, precision deep-drawn components, we use our technology to manufacture parts previously produced by other methods. Our method of manufacture offers advantages to many markets, industries and technologies, including the writing instruments, water pumps, electronics and heating and ventilation.

Industrial Division

Pharmaceutical Metal Division

Presspart is the world’s leading manufacturer of canisters for metered dose inhalers (MDI) - testament to our knowledge and experience of the market. Our reputation for competence, quality and innovation puts us at the forefront of our game. Our expertise ensures each canister is designed and manufactured for optimum compatibility with the MDI valve, actuator and formulation. The complete range of canisters are suitable for use with both hydrofluoroalkanes (HFA) and chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) propellants, and is available in a number of sizes and substrates. A range of coatings are also available. Presspart also has the capability to manufacture other deep drawn components for pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery systems, including parts for the MDI valve and dose counter. Presspart have also manufactured components for innovative transdermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular delivery devices

Pharmaceutical Metal Division

Pharmaceutical Plastic Division

Presspart Tarragona is the leading global supplier for MDI actuators. Our comprehensive range is available for solution and suspension formulations, containers (glass bottles/metal canisters) and valves across the market. In addition, we can design and manufacture bespoke actuators for individual customer requirements. Presspart Tarragona recognises the importance of actuators and their role in affecting spray pattern and targeted lung deposition of drug particles. We are committed to incorporating best practices in all aspects of design, manufacturing and quality systems.

Presspart Tarragona is a key supplier of custom specific components and assembled devices for leading pharmaceutical and medical industry companies. We have developed strong working relationships with the leading assembly equipment suppliers enabling them to input at the design stage and effectively deliver at the installation and validation stages.

Pharmaceutical Plastic Division

Writing Instruments

We have built up a solid customer base within the writing instrument market based on the quality of our products. We supply pen refill shells, pen barrels, nib adapters and other components to some of the major brands within the industry.

Over thirty years’ experience in this market gives us a clear understanding of customers’ needs - indeed many companies have taken advantage of the huge cost savings that the deep-drawn process offers over more labour intensive and costly modes such as swaging and machining.

Domestic Sanitary and Plumbing

We manufacture various deep-drawn components for the domestic sanitary and plumbing industry and supply to some of the largest companies in the market. Working with customers in the development process of their new products and also using in-house knowledge in making improvements to existing products keeps us and our customers ahead of the game. 

A critical function of a water pump is ensuring it is watertight. The deep-drawn process has the advantage over laser welding as the component is drawn as one component, thereby avoiding any joints that are susceptible to leaking, which can occur with welding.

White Goods and Electrical

We offer an extensive range of deep-drawn components for the white goods market, utilising a wide range of metals and surface finishes. Fan and sensor housings are just an example of the products produced within the Speciality division, all manufactured to the highest quality. Presspart supply components that are used in products such as ovens and washing machines.

Our ability to produce long drawn components enables us to manufacture electrical components, for example circuit breaker tubes and tubes for solenoid valves, in various metals and with various lengths. Our tightly controlled tolerances during manufacturing ensure component accuracy throughout extended production runs