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With over 40 years of manufacturing experience we ensure to our customers we will:

  • Deliver on time...every time.
  • Provide quality and consistency.
  • Confidently offer 3 and 5 day turnarounds.
  • Ensure our supply chain can match the lowest prices in the UK.
  • All DFM checks and technical queries here at Prestwick.
  • PCB delivered in small quantity prototype to full production quantities.
  • Most cost effective method of PCB purchase on a global scale.
  • Provide precise and clear quotations.

We have also evolved our product range and now offer a wide range of LED lighting products offering long life, lower energy costs and improved lighting quality.

LED Supplier

Prestwick Circuits GPS offers all types of LED lighting for use in a wide range of applications. From our quality approved partners in Asia, we can supply all types of LED light at any volume. We can help you to evaluate the cost savings which you can enjoy through energy reduction.

  • LED lighting offers:
  • Superior, robust quality lighting
  • Cost reduction in energy usage
  • Less environmental issues
  • Extremely long life
  • Various colours including cool, normal and white light
  • All lights are available for both internal and external use
  • All our LED lights utilise aluminium heat sinks to minimise heat build up
  • All our LEDs are manufactured using the best quality components
  • Most of the LED lights are dimmable
  • Guaranteed for two years

These are a brief description of the most common lights which can be supplied but many other types can be supplied on request.

LED Supplier
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