Primarc UV Curing Lamps


Manufacturers of high quality UV curing lamps, metal halide lamps, electrodeless microwave powered bulbs suitable for all known drying systems

Primarc® UV curing lamps are designed and manufactured as direct replacement lamps or to meet the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers world-wide. From our extensive range of lamps - mercury, metal halide, electrodeless - we can meet virtually all your UV curing requirements. We can also work with you to develop a lamp and transformer power supply for your individual needs, even for the most complex of applications

Ultraviolet Curing Lamp

Ultraviolet reactive inks and coatings require a high intensity source of ultraviolet light to initiate a chemical reaction, curing the ink or the coating almost instantaneously.

Ultraviolet light forms a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum which ranges from radio waves at the long-wave end, to x-rays and gamma rays at the short-wave end. 

Ultraviolet Curing Lamp

Metal Halide UV Lamp

In addition to an extensive range of medium pressure mercury arc lamps, Primarc are continuously developing their already wide range of spectrally enhanced metal halide versions.

halide lamps are mercury vapour lamps with metal halide additives which create specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation to precision-match the photo-initiator being cured.

The addition of metal halides creates a shift in the spectral output of a standard, producing longer wavelengths. These longer wavelengths enable a greater depth of cure to be achieved, making them particularly useful in the curing of pigmented and thicker coatings.

Metal halide lamps are increasingly used in the Printing Industry as well as in a wide variety of industrial applications such as the production of printed circuit boards, electronic components, fibre optic cables, CDs/DVDs and wood products.

Primarc UV curing lamps are manufactured from high-clarity, vitreous silica, normally referred to as quartz. Quartz has the property of high-transparency to ultraviolet light, indeed at the shortwave end of the spectrum over 90% of the UV energy generated is transmitted through the quartz. The electrode components are manufactured in-house using the highest-quality materials, ensuring long and reliable lamp life.

The Primarc Quality Standard ensures that each lamp is not only manufactured to the most stringent of specifications, but also lamp performance is consistent each time, every time.

Primarc UV Technology is one of the world’s longest serving manufacturers of UV curing lamps, with our origins stretching back to 1970. During this time, our technical expertise, manufacturing processes and repeatability of lamp performance have reached a standard that has become the benchmark across the globe.

Metal Halide UV Lamp
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