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Here at PrimePac Solutions, as sachet manufacturers we have the machinery, operational and technical expertise to produce an extensive range of sachet formats on a variety of packaging machinery. Each sachet format can take a huge variety of products including liquids, powders and piece goods.

As high quality sachet manufacturers we supply pack styles including:

  • 4 side sachets
  • 3 side sachets
  • Stand up pouches
  • Hanging sachets
  • Shaped sachets
  • Transwrap (pillow pack) sachets

Bottle Filling

We specialise in bottle filling of any shape and any size. Our bottle filling engineering team has over seven decades of experience and can fill any type of product, from the thinnest liquid to the thickest cream. We cover the whole process including filling, capping, labelling and final packing. We handle screw caps or press-on, pumps and triggers, front/back labelling or wrap-around, and a whole range of afterpacking operations.

Blister Packs

We produce high quality blister packs to contain tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and piece goods. Our blister packs are formed from an assortment of base materials (e.g. PVC, PVC/PVDC, PS/PE) and liddings (e.g. foil, plastics, laminates). We produce peelable pack and packs can be perforated and can carry calendar prints on the lidding.

Strip Packs

We manufacture strip packs to contain tablets or capsules in a wide range of sizes. We can print strip packs with your design, and each pocket can be individually perforated if required. We have a full range of coding options available including embossed, hot foil and ink jet to carry batch and expiry data.

Contract Liquid Bottling

We provide contract liquid bottling and specialise in handling and packaging of liquids and creams. We can package products from shoe dyes to bubble baths, personal lubricants to car wax, water to hair wax. Our contract liquid bottling services will meet your requirements whether you need the items manufactured and packed ready to hit the retail shelf or you want the goods loose packed ready for further processing.

Tablet Packing

Our strip and blister pack tablet packaging equipment is readily available in a custom built hygienic area with full pack off capability. We produce a wide range of pack sizes and shapes for use in the healthcare and cosmetics industries.

We specialise in packaging:

  • Gelatin capsules
  • Soft gel capsules
  • Tablets
  • Caplets

Powder Packing Solutions

Our powder packing solutions enable powders to be dosed into many different pack formats such as single sachets, multi sachets, jars or tubs. Our powder packing solutions handle granules, free-flowing powders and more difficult formulations. 

We will meet customer requirements including inserting leaflets, dosing spoons or applicators.

From the biggest order to a speculative enquiry we will be pleased to discuss your packaging and production needs and requirements.

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