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Primetech specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of state of the art satellite communications and related technology.

In an emergency reliable communications are vital. Primetech is engaged with a range of blue light, local government and commercial organisations to provide cost effective, innovative, resilient satellites and mobile satellite broadband services, private GSM networks with auto meshing Wi-Fi technology and ruggedised mobile computer systems.

The balance between updating technology whilst managing budgets is an unenviable task. As far as the emergency services are concerned, the public demands that responders have the latest technology, but are always questioning the overall expense. It is essential therefore that the most cost effective options are utilised.

The new Micro-Sat Lite and PowerBrick range of rugged computers bring affordable, minimal weight satellite broadband technology to vehicles, either as new installations or, more importantly in the current economic climate, for quickly retro fitting to existing vehicles. For any of the Emergency Services, this means easy installation of Micro-Sat Lite onto the roof bars of smaller, more agile rapid response vehicles as well as the larger, heavy load carrying incident command and control vehicles.

Superfast Broadband Cornwall

Digital Cornwall - Primetech to provide satellite broadband service to Broadband for Cornwall Project
Primetech, a Cornish based company and national provider of satellite broadband services, welcomes the news that Cornwall is to benefit from the BT Super-fast Broadband project, which, with the help of a large slice of funding from the European Union, is promising the largest ever superfast broadband programme.
For areas beyond the reach of the fibre optic network high speed satellite broadband will play a significant part in filing in the gaps and Primetech will be offering this specialist service in the New Year to Cornish businesses and residential clients. To join our mailing list and receive updates on the availability of this service, please click below.

3G and Wi-Fi Routers

Primetech is renowned for the provision of innovative, state of the art technology and the rugged AcuConnect 3g router with integrated Wi-Fi is no exception.

The essential elements of any communications system should be cost effectiveness, flexibility and efficiency which is why the AcuConnect, a wireless management system that is compatible with any cellular provider’s 3g service via either PCMCIA or USB data card, has been developed.

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Mobile Data Terminals

Our range of ruggedised mobile data terminals includes:

  • PowerBrick ATOM -  The unbeatable PowerBrick Atom™ measures 7.6” x 4.25” x 2.15” and weighs only 2.5lbs. It is a market leading, cost effective solid state industrial computer system with no moving parts. With an (optional) embedded operating system , it provides reliability and operational continuity making file corruption and system crashes a thing of the past.
  • PowerBrick DV - The PowerBrick DV™ is a cost effective unit that boasts the benefit of TWO independent VGA outputs which is invaluable in today’s confined environment of the smaller style Incident Command Unit. The compact PowerBrick DV™ is easy to discretely mount within any vehicle safe from view and inaccessible to thieves.
  • PowerBrick CV - The PowerBrick CV™ is a cost effective combination with an integrated four channel digital recording unit , which through the on board recording and management software produces date and time stamped, high quality video, at the amazing rate of 120 fps (Frames per Second), that can easily be retrieved and retained for evidential purposes.
  • PowerBrick - The PowerBrick™ Mobile Computer is a the most effective mobile computer for those looking for high quality, performance, dependability, and toughness. The small size of the PowerBrick™ allows it to be mounted discretely within any vehicle where it is safe from damage, tampering and theft.

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Satellite Services

The technology within the satellite communications market continues to evolve at a rapid rate, and Primetech is ideally placed to provide the most upto date solutions for all client sectors. Our extensive range of products ensures that we can deliver the most effective system within the allocated budget, whether you need an upgrade or a complete new installation. Our product range includes:

Is Your Business in a Not Spot?

European demand for broadband internet access is at its highest ever. Currently some 20 million homes and business across Europe cannot access ADSL or cable networks and this will only decrease to 15 million homes by 2010.

However, there is no longer any need to wait for cables to be laid or exchanges to be up-dated before your business can begin to enjoy the full benefits of high speed Broadband access because the unique advantage of internet via satellite means that there is now an affordable alternative that is totally independent of the terrestrial network.

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High Speed Broadband On The Move

Today’s requirements for dynamic rapid response and deployable communications have never been more critical. To meet this demand Thrane & Thrane has developed the EXPLORER® 727 – thus turning your vehicle into a mobile communications hub.

This means that you will have access to phone networks and the Internet while you are on the move anytime and anywhere in the world. The EXPLORER 727 antenna on the roof is constantly tracking satellite positions, which provides you with a high speed broadband connection at all times. Whether you’re engaged in military actions, live broadcast, telemedicine, video conferencing or live interviews, you need to rely on rapid response and deployable communications.

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Rugged Monitors

Primtech's range of rugged monitors include:

  • AcuBrite: The AcuBrite 1200 Nit monitor is the most advanced monitor in the mobile computing industry.
  • AcuTouch15": The 15 inch AcuTouch LCD Touch Screen is a popular choice for public safety providers and industry as its large size and various mounting options make it both easy to read and use.
  • AcuTouch10": For mobile computing systems in small spaces such as field vehicles for municipalities, industry, or emergency services the AcuTouch 10" monitor is a compact and cost effective solution.

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High Speed Internet

European demand for broadband internet access is at its highest ever. Currently some 20 million homes across Europe cannot access ADSL or cable networks and this will only decrease to 15 million homes by 2010.

That’s why Eutelsat and ViaSat have pooled their expertise to deliver a new system for two-way broadband services. Uniting the skills of Europe’s leading satellite operator, working with its Skylogic broadband affiliate, and ViaSat, a world leader in consumer broadband products and innovative satellite networking systems, Tooway™ is a new generation of two-way satellite services, which enables uplink and downlink communications via satellite.

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