Primex Wireless Ltd.

Since the introduction of the Primex Wireless™ GPS Clock System, we have experienced phenomenal success with this incredibly reliable breakthrough technology. Our rigorously field-tested system, with guaranteed accuracy,has become the system of choice for many schools, universities, hospitals, manufacturing plants, corporate structures and government facilities.

In fact, companies and institutions around the world have embraced this patented technology to improve their timekeeping systems. However, some facilities still use clock systems that are unsynchronized, inaccurate and expensive to install and maintain. Too often, the problems that result are allowed to continue despite the significant savings and increased efficiencies that could be gained.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in increasing productivity and efficiency in your facility. Simply contact us for a no-obligation, on-site demonstration today and learn how you can quickly and easily solve the problems in your facility created by time-based inaccuracies. You can't afford to wait!

How GPS Wireless System Works

This revolutionary, synchronized timekeeping system is so easy to use.

The GPS Receiver captures a time signal from the U.S. government's global positioning system (GPS) satellites and sends it to the Transmitter. The Transmitter then broadcasts the time to every Primex Wireless clock in your facility. The result? All of the clocks are synchronized to the exact second!
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