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Principality Storage Systems are specialists in the supply, design and installation of a range of versatile new and good quality used adjustable pallet racking. We have been supplying, designing and installing Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR) systems for over 26 years.

With our extensive range of pallet racking solutions that are unmatched by our competitors, all kinds of palletised and non-palletised loads can be accommodated. Each installation is tailored to your existing warehouse to meet your needs. We take into account picking and packing areas, the type of fork trucks used, and the warehouse environment and the target number of pallets that you are looking to store.

We are also approved distributors of RediRack pallet racking which enables us to not only use their extensive areas of sourcing and services but to also pass on our customers fantastic discounts that non of our competitors can match. 

We can also provide other warehouse pallet racking storage systems both static and live such as drive-in, push-back, crane loaded, and mobile applications. 

We Also supply and install Cantilever Racking which is perfect for the storage of long or bulky items such as tubing & wood and also Vertical storage racks for a storage solution 

Mezzanine Floors

Our mezzanine floors can be a cost-effective method of gaining more space. With them, your business can increase it's available floorspace by up to 100%. We have single-level or multi-tier arrangements, shelf supported designs or bespoke designs available.

With our extended sources given to us by our manufacturers we can supply a mezzanine floor solution for you, offering Access Floors and Raised Platforms for Warehousing, Partitioned Offices, Distribution, Production and Retail areas. We offer a service that is of the best quality in the UK and all of our systems are tailored designed, specifically to meet your companies needs. 

Mezzanine floors are ideal for:

  • Storage
  • Production lines
  • Retail / cash and carries
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Warehouses 
  • Office solutions

We can also supply each component of a mezzanine floor and also alter your existing one by adding such items as:

  • Staircases - Constructed from steel to conform to fire and building regulations with the options of non-slip treads
  • Catladder - for maintenence purposes only whist saving extra valuable space
  • Pallet Gates - Creating easy access for goods lifts / forklift trucks whilst esuring that no one can fall off the floor when loading/unloading 
  • Handrails - Creating a physical barrier around the mezzanine thus giving extra safety for those using it. Multiple options available incluing: tubular, square tube, chromium plated or galvanized steel. Mesh or perforated steel Infill panels can also be added with their height extending up to 3m or more.
  • Fire protection / Partitioning - Cladding added to the steelwork can provide extra fire protection and improve the appearence of it dramatically. We can also offer a wide range of partitioning suitable for offices, store rooms, clean rooms & more. 
Mezzanine Floors

Shopfitting and Displays

We take pride in a one-of-kind shopfitting service.

For displays and more, our shopfitting service has an extensive range of storage including:

  • Complete strip and refurbishment including kitchens, staff rooms, flooring and decor
  • Slatwall and perferated back shelving      
  • Stunning shop counters
  • Display units and card units
  • A massive range of garment rails and stands
  • Garment hooks and platforms
Shopfitting and Displays


As suppliers of Troax UK equipment and partitioning systems, we provide and install their full range of de-mountable steel partitioning. Our selection of product lines includes:

  • Bastion
  • Titan
  • Elan
  • Sigma
  • SafeTfix
  • Musca
  • Caelum
  • Composite Partitioning

Trucks and Trolleys

We are suppliers of a wide range of trucks and trolleys for standard to meet your needs. They include:

  • Platform and Box Trucks 
  • Turntable Trucks 
  • Workshop and Shelf Trolleys 
  • Mesh Sided Trucks 
  • Swarf and Refuse Tipping Trucks 
  • Heavy Duty Table Trolleys 
  • Order Selecting Trolleys 
Trucks and Trolleys

Smoking Shelters

We supply free-standing and wall-mounted smoking shelters. Made from all-weather and robust construction, these smoking shelters are available for employees to have a dry and comfortable place to smoke.

Our smoking shelters give you easy access in and out and brilliant ventilation. It also allows your smokers to be situated away from main through-fares.

Smoking Shelters

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