Printech Circuit Laboratories Ltd


Printed circuit board manufacturer for UK and international markets. Printech Circuit Laboratories produce PCBs for varying industries and applications.

We manufacture a full range of printed circuit boards in house. Our PCB’s are used in many sectors including Satellites, Radar systems, F1 and Motorsport, Communications, Aerospace and Medical sectors.

PCL manufactures all types of printed wiring from conventional through to complex M/Ls and Flex rigids as well as all types of Microwave and Metal Backed boards. Standard finishes include tin, tin- lead, electro-plated nickel, electro-plated gold both hard and soft pure gold, and hard gold for edge connectors. Other finishes include electroless nickel, electroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG) and immersion silver. We typically process materials from 0.03mm up to 10mm in thickness and up to 1.2 metres in length, but larger available on request.

Unmatched quality, incomparable service is What makes PCL different. Printech Circuit Labs pride itself to be a PCB manufacturer provider of superb quality, fast turnaround, technology and customer satisfaction to a worldwide customer base.

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