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At Priorclave, we are one of the UKs leading autoclave manufacturers for the food, health and pharmaceutical industries and have developed a comprehensive range of more than 60 standard laboratory autoclaves.  For those unique applications we have the in-house expertise to design and build to suit specific applications.

We also specialise in manufacturing climatic cabinets for the packaging, electronics and plastics industries.With this much experience and expertise, we’re certain to have something to meet your requirements.

Autoclave Servicing

At Priorclave, we strive to deal with all our customers' autoclave servicing requirements, quickly and efficiently. We have a network of highly trained technicians throughout the UK offering you a prompt autoclave repair service with added planned maintenance.

We are also happy to calibrate and service other types of autoclave and laboratory equipment.

Benchtop Autoclaves

Our benchtop autoclaves are available in either large 40L or 60L capacities using the minimum of bench space for the smaller laboratory.

Benchtop autoclaves also are supplied fully with two stainless steel shelves and optional mounting stands. Stainless steel baskets and waste containers are also available.

Front Loading Autoclaves

Heated either electrically or by direct steam, the front loading autoclaves we supply come in a full range of models in 100, 150, 200 and 320L capacities.

Our front loading autoclaves are all castor mounted for positioning efficiency and come fitted with two non-tipping shelves. A range of stainless steel waste containers, baskets and loading trolleys are available to complement these models.

Front Loading Rectangular Autoclaves

Ideal for high volume throughput in addition to large or bulky items, we can supply an excellent range of rectangular section autoclaves. They combine a large internal capacity with a small floor area for maximum efficiency.

Our rectangular section autoclaves are castor mounted for positioning ease and feature a simple, two hand wheel hinged door closure. They are also available with optional steam/water jackets if required, amongst other components.

Top Loading Autoclaves

Our compact top loading autoclaves have been designed for modern laboratories where space is at a premium. Available in 100 and 150L capacities they come supplied with a stainless steel load support plate and two (100L) or three (150L) stainless steel mesh baskets.

Our top loading autoclaves can either be heated electrically or by direct steam.

Double Ended Autoclaves

For double ended autoclaves, we have models with capacities from 150 to 700L with other sizes available on request.

Our double ended autoclaves come either electrically or direct steam heated, with fitted steam or water jackets if required.

Power Door

The power door autoclaves are perfect for large bulky items and high volume throughput. Available in capacities from 230L to 700L and above, our power door autoclaves combine a huge internal capacity with a small floor space for maximum efficiency and have the added advantage of being able to open in restricted spaces.


The calibration of equipment is key aspect for maximum efficiency and effective operation. Without correct calibration, equipment may struggle to perform accordingly and to operation settings.

Calibrated thermocouples can be attached to your autoclave beside the temperature control and monitoring probes, and are coupled to a two-channel calibrated digital thermometer. During operation, the recorded readings will be checked against those shown on the temperature controller and ancillary equipment.

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