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Specialising in wheel casters, we are a UK, West Midlands based castor manufacturer. As well as wheel casters, we supply a wide range of castors and wheels.

Our standard castors and wheels product range can be viewed by going to ‘Buy Online’ and using the browse facility on our website.

If the product you require is not listed in our online catalogue, please contact us at our offices in West Midlands, UK. As well as being a castor manufacturer for castors and wheels, we also manufacture non-standard products. We vary our standard products to suit your particular needs.

Our Products and services include

  • Castors
  • Wheels
  • Injection moulding machines

Priory supplies a large range of castors and wheels to suit every customer.

Twin Wheel Castor

WHEEL SIZE:                40 – 50mm
LOAD CAPACITY:        20 – 25Kg
RANGES:                       4,5

Plastic castors with plate, peg or threaded stem fitting.
Light duty castor used on domestic and office furniture.

Peg Castor Castor

WHEEL SIZE:                28 – 75mm
LOAD CAPACITY:        12 – 40Kg
RANGES:                       A,D,K

Commonly used in wooden framed and metal tubular furniture and shop fittings.

For more information on our peg castor castor range.

Lightweight Fixed Castor Castor

WHEEL SIZE:                           28 – 40mm
LOAD CAPACITY:                   20 – 25Kg
RANGE:                                     W

Used on light application where castor swivel action is not required. For more information on lightweight fixed castor castor.

Ballrace Plate Castor

WHEEL SIZE:                            28 – 75mm
LOAD CAPACITY:                    10 – 30Kg
RANGES:                                   C, F, G

Light duty castors with four hole plate fitting. They are used in a wide variety of applications including furniture, shop fittings and cabinets.

Ballrace Threaded Stem Castor

WHEEL SIZE:                 50 – 75mm
LOAD CAPACITY:         25 – 30Kg
RANGES:                        F, G

Light duty castors with integral fixing thread. Simple and easy to fix by either screwing directly into the threaded base or just single nut. They are used in various applications including shop fittings and glass construction tables. Where suitable thread is not available, use the bolt hole version.

Ballrace Peg Castor

WHEEL SIZE:                 50 – 100mm
LOAD CAPACITY:         25 – 55Kg
RANGES:                        F,G

Castors with push-in peg fitting. They are ideal for quick and easy assembly into metal tubular framed items in conjunction with suitable mating socket, or directly into a plastic moulding. They are used in shop fittings, janitorial equipment and trolleys.

Ballrace Expander Castor

WHEEL SIZE:                 50 – 100mm
LOAD CAPACITY:         25 – 55Kg
RANGES:                        F,G

Castors incorporating expanding plug fixing. They are suitable for use in metal tubing and commonly used in trolleys and cafeteria equipment.

Industrial Plate Castor

WHEEL SIZE:                 50 – 125mm
LOAD CAPACITY:         25 – 295Kg
RANGES:                        I,J

Castors with four bolt plate fixings in both fixed and swivel versions. They are suited to more industrial applications than the light duty f and g plate castors. Plate sizes and hole centres conform to traditional UK sizes although, as most holes are slotted some also match ISO standard sizes.

For more information on industrial plate castor products.

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