Prism Electronics Ltd


Based in Cambridgeshire, we provide unbeatable contract electronics manufacturing services to suit your exact requirements.

With our versatile contract electronics manufacturing services, we focus on the flexible manufacturing of modest volumes of complex components. Our outstanding service, ethical approach and strong ethos make us one of the leading contract electronics manufacturers in the UK.

Electronic Product Development

We provide many design support services and solutions including comprehensive electronic product development. This electronic product development is usually in collaboration with customers and local specialist design consultancy companies in order to provide cutting edge solutions across a vast technological base.

Further services include:

  • Pre-quotation analysis of customer engineering documentation
  • Design reviews and value engineering
  • Fast-track prototyping assembly/debugging
  • RoHS compliance audit
  • Conversion of Bill of Materials for RoHS compliant manufacture
Electronic Product Development

Materials Management

We put a great deal of emphasis on materials management. Materials management is often viewed as a simplistic exercise in cost control. For us, the electronic components are the lifeblood of our processes and so we actively manage our systems to achieve both flexibility and cost competitiveness.

We offer:

  • Full or part procurement of materials or free-issue kits
  • Component optimisation (availability, price, quality, lead-times)
  • Management of component obsolescence
  • Cost-reduction programmes and alternative component sourcing
  • Sourcing and management of RoHS compliant materials
Materials Management
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