Pro-Point Equipment Ltd


Pro-Point Equipment was originally set up to supply a basic range of diamond consumables designed to cater for small and medium sized businesses as well as larger professional civil engineers. Right from those early days our priority has always been to offer and maintain an extremely high standard of customer service, providing a price relevant product with the correct specification to give long life and fast cutting speeds. As the years went by our range has developed and enlarged to an unrivalled level at which we can now virtually cater for all aspects of diamond drilling and sawing, as well as being able to supply machinery, tools and fixings to suit.

The company was incorporated on the 21st December 2000 and, after an impressive launch into the industry, has grown fast but steadily since then - resulting at the end of 2004 moving into new larger premises.

In 2006 we opened a new factory enabling us to carry out the manufacture of new and re-tipped wet & dry diamond core drills.

Two years later in the summer of 2008, it became apparent that we had outgrown our existing units, so the decision was taken to look for a much larger building where we could accommodate our factory, offices, warehouse and distribution all under one roof.

We had barely moved in to our current property, when we were presented with the opportunity to purchase several lathes, industrial welding equipment, cut-off saws and CNC machines. Instantly our factory and production department grew from just assembling finished drills, to include the manufacturing of wet and dry core drill bodies as well as being able to make and modify blades, drills and accessories to individual customer requirements. This in turn has resulted in us supplying these bodies to customers not only here in the UK, but Europe as well.

We must be doing something right as in spite of a difficult year for many industries in 2011, we enjoyed our best year to date establishing ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of diamond tools in the UK, and we haven’t looked back since!

As a leading company in the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA) development program, our blades are manufactured to exceed EN13236 standards and are etched with all relevant safety markings, speed markings and manufacturing batch numbers.

In 2012, Pro-Point Equipment was inducted into the prestigious Drilling & Sawing Association as a supplier member. This in itself is a major coup as invitations to join are limited and therefore very exclusive. This is in no small, part because of our continued quest to bring quality and safety to the Industry

With a combined knowledge of both the manufacturing and the Diamond Industry approaching 100 years, Pro-Point can pass on its expertise to their customers saving them both time and money.

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