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Process Analyser Systems Ltd (PAS) is the exclusive representative in the UK and Ireland for leading manufacturers of gas analyzers, moisture analyzers and liquid analysis instrumentation. Teledyne Analytical Instruments, Cambridge Viscosity, Orthodyne, MEECO, Tiger Optics, Detcon and LDetek are some of the high quality brands exclusively represented.

Process Analyser Systems Ltd is centrally located in Wantage Oxfordshire with a workshop and calibration facility maintained and operating to traceable standards.

Process Analyser Systems Ltd supplies analysers, fixed or portable and complete systems for measuring in all industrial applications including hazardous areas (ATEX certified)

  • Trace ppb, ppm and per cent OXYGEN (O2)
  • Trace NITROGEN (N2) ppt/ppb/ppm levels
  • Trace MOISTURE (H2O) / Dew Point -100oC to +20oC
  • Trace and per cent CO2, CO, SO2, NO2, N2O, CH4, O3, H2S, NH3

Online Process Analysers

A complete range of Gas and Liquid process analysers and detectors from  Teledyne Analytical Instruments, Orthodyne, Meeco, Tiger Optics, Detcon and Cambridge Viscosity can be used to measure both trace and percent levels of impurities. We also offer oxygen analysers using electrochemical, paramagnetic, and zirconium oxide sensors; flue gas and emissions monitoring analysers and systems; process photometers (UV, Vis, NIR, IR. Carbon monoxide analysers and flammable gas analyzers); trace hydrogen and Thermal Conductivity gas analysers and FID based hydrocarbon analysers and Moisture analysers. Viscometers at high temperature and pressure offering traceable viscosity measurements, both portable and on-line


  • UV/NIR
  • Photox Photometrics Transmitter
  • Total Hydrocarbons in water
  • 6700 TOC Analyser
  • ph, Conductivity, Dissolved oxygen

Oxygen Analysers

Process Analyser Systems (PAS) is the exclusive distributor of Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) oxygen analysers in the UK and Ireland. Known for oxygen analysis, the TAI line of trace and percent oxygen analysers fulfil every major application including ATEX and hazardous area solutions. TAI also have a complete line of portables. This product is part of a wide range including,

• Trace Oxygen Analysers
• ppb Oxygen Analysers
• ppm Oxygen Analysers
• Percent Oxygen Analysers
• Explosion Proof Analysers
• Flue Gas Analysers
• Oxygen Depletion Monitors
• Area Monitoring Systems
• Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Oxygen Analysers

Mass Spectrometer

Process Analyser Systems (PAS) has launched an exciting NEW range of 19" rack mass Spectrometers

• Highly accurate results
• Reliable operation
• Advanced technology
• Low maintenance
• Excellent performance operation
• Small footprint, 19' rack or Portable
Innovation, which includes a patented sensor technology, sets it apart from the rest of the industry.

Mass Spectrometer

Trace Moisture Analysers

Process Analyser Systems (PAS) is the exclusive distributor of Meeco Inc., a leader in trace moisture analysis, in the UK and Ireland. Reliable and easy to use trace moisture analysers with a wide variety of applications in process and industry. Since 1948, MEECO has produced durable, high-quality moisture analysers for industry. Chief customers include semiconductor manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as natural and industrial gas producers and their distributors, utilities, and chemical and petrochemical companies and the makers and users of ultra-high-purity gas.
Based on the proven phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) technology these trace moisture analyser are recommended by the European Pharmacopeia for medical oxygen and are equally suitable for corrosive gases are present such as chlorine, ammonia and hydrogen chloride.
The product range includes,

• Trace Moisture Analysers, rack mount
• Trace Moisture Analysers, portable
• Trace Moisture Transmitters
• Trace Moisture Analysers, for HFC and refrigerant application
• Trace Moisture Analysers, for hazardous and corrosive gases
• Trace Moisture Analysers, for medical oxygen (as European Pharmacopeia)

For accurate ppb trace moisture analysis see the Tiger Optics range of laser based trace moisture analysers.

Trace Moisture Analysers

Trace Gas Analysers - Laser Spectroscopy

Process Analyser Systems (PAS) is the exclusive distributor of Tiger Optics, pioneers of laser spectroscopy, in the UK and Ireland. Continuous Wave, Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW CRDS) is based on absorption spectroscopy, and works by attuning light rays to the unique molecular fingerprint of the sample species.

Trace moisture H2O, oxygen O2, hydrogen H2, methane CH4, ammonia NH3 and acidic, toxic gases such HCl, HCN, HF and HBr are just some of the analytes that can be measured in the ppb and ppm range.

Markets include semiconductor industry, high brightness LED, environmental monitoring, energy, automotive industry, the gas and chemical industry. ATEX certified analysers are available where required.

Platforms include,
• LaserTrace Series - Highly sensitive trace gas analysis for up to 4 molecules
• HALO Series - Compact workhorse, panel mount
• Tiger-i Series - Environmental and Airborne Molecular Contaminant Monitors
• Prismatic - Multi-species trace gas analyser
• ALOHA H2O - Trace moisture in ammonia analyser for high brightness LEDs

Trace Gas Analysers - Laser Spectroscopy

Environmental Analysers

Using a variety of Technologies, we can measure most gases and liquids typically required by environmental agencies. These include typical gases such as CO2, CO, SO2, SOX, NO, NO2 & NOX and many more. Teledyne’s oil in water 6000 series (168kb)*, levels as low as 1ppm are possible. These are gaining great success in offshore applications and are now available in an ATEX format.

More Information

Portable Analysers

Teledyne’s range of both ATEX and general purpose Oxygen analysers measuring trace and percent oxygen are accepted globally as industry standards. Multi-component portable flue gas analysers.



Laboratory Analysers

A complete range of analysers including Gas Chromatographs, Gas purifiers, High Quality regulators, High purity sampling systems and gas calibration system. A range of low cost Oxygen analysers specifically for industrial laboratories.

Controlled Atmosphere

  • 9070 - The 9070 is ideal for spot checking or installation on a package machine for continuous measurement of the gas flushing process.

Low Cost Portable Oxygen Analyser

Special Applications

Process Analyser Systems has over 16 sensing technologies to continuously monitor a variety of process gas and liquid parameters. Known for oxygen analysis, our broad line of trace and percent oxygen analysers fulfil every major application. Our broad range of measuring technologies, linked with our sample system capability, enable us to satisfy most gas and liquid analysis requirements.

Carbon Dioxide

Oxygen Sensors

Teledyne Analytical Instruments has a long and successful history in the development and supply of oxygen sensors for automotive emission testing equipment.
Other Applications
Personnel safety is of primary importance and no area is of greater concern than insuring workers have clean air to breathe, free from deadly chemicals.

Oxygen Sensors

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