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As a Midlands based company with over 20 years of experience, we design and supply a comprehensive range of industrial electric heaters. Our main areas of expertise are with immersion heaters and heating elements.

Immersion heaters come in three basic types. Screwed immersion heaters, flanged immersion heaters and over the side immersion heaters (also known as VAT heaters) allowing heat to be applied directly to liquids contained in tanks, calorifiers and vats.

Electric Heater Specialist

As an electric heater specialist, our services include the design and supply an extensive variety of industrial electric heaters in a number of different specifications and models.

The markets we serve include original equipment manufacturers, surface finishing industries and ventilation industries, chemical processors, food industry and pharmaceutical manufacturers. For the most professional electric heater specialist, contact us now.

Bespoke Industrial Heaters

We design and supply bespoke industrial heaters. Although we have stock of our most popular standard heaters to allow next day delivery in most cases, a good portion of our work is bespoke and to the exact requirements of the individual customer.

With over 30 years experience in the industrial electric heater trade, our bespoke industrial heaters services are unbeatable. We are able to design, manufacture and supply a diversity of heating appliances including immersion heaters to exacting specifications, meeting the needs of all types of companies.

Heating Elements

Our eclectic supply of top grade manufactured sheathed heating elements are used to apply direct heat to air and liquids.

A diversity of sizes, shapes and powers are available with these heating elements and they suit almost any application. Cold length at each end of elements can be tailored to suit immersion depths according to specific applications.

Air Duct Heaters

We are specialist designers and suppliers of bespoke air duct heaters for the heating and ventilation industry, manufacturers of air handling units and process ovens. The three types of air duct heaters we supply are stab-in, flanged or circular. We supply air duct heaters ranging from 1kw to 2000kw, with terminal enclosures stood off and isolation plugs for high heat applications. Stainless steel or incoloy 800 elements can be used dependent on the application.

We also supply VAT heaters with 'over-the-side' fixings, drum heaters suitable for both steel and plastic drums and heavy duty industrial immersion heaters from the PIH range.

Industrial Immersion Heaters

We are suppliers of industrial immersion heaters from both the PII and PIC range. As well as industrial immersion heaters, we also supply commercial immersion heaters ranging from 1kw to 12kw.

Features of these models include:

  • Alloy IP67 terminal enclosure
  • Most screwplug sizes available in brass
  • 2" and 2.25" BSP in stainless steel
  • Incoloy 800 8mm diameter elements complete with thermowell

Finned Heating Elements

We supply finned heating elements for all manufacturers in the heating and ventilation market e.g. comfort heating in restaurants, offices, hospitals and factories. These finned heating elements come from the PEF range and can be formed into any required shape and fitted with various types of fixing glands, welded plates or waterproof flexible tails.

Features include:

  • 110v, 240v, 415v or other voltages to suit
  • 1-10w/cm²

We also supply incoloy 800 heating elements from the PEI range for use in industrial ovens, air heaters, solder pots, vac form machines, antenna de-ice systems and many other applications.

Air Duct Heaters

We supply industrial and commercial premises air duct heaters used for comfort heating in industrial and commercial premises. They can be supplied to suit circular and square ducts and feature galvanized construction with stainless steel sheathed elements and safety thermostat. Waterproof terminal enclosures are available if required.

We also provide process air duct heaters (96kw) with stood off terminal enclosures and insulation plugs to suit a recirculating oven temperature of 425 degrees C. These are of a stainless steel construction with incoloy sheathed elements and can usually be delivered in three weeks.

Our extensive options also includes bespoke and stock air duct heaters for air handling units offering similarly impressive design features as our other air duct products.

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