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Weighing Calibration Service

Process Weighing

Load cell products include bending beams, single & double ended shear beams, compression type and ring torsion, capacities from 1 kg up to 700 tonnes together with mounting assemblies to ensure optimum load introduction. Our range of weight indicators/controllers and amplifiers includes panel & field mount, bench top and DIN rail units with modern connectivity options.

Silo, Vessel & Tank Weighing Systems

We offer comprehensive vessel weighing systems for inventory control, bulk loading, feeding and batching control.

Batching & Blending Systems

A  wide range of industries rely on Procon weighing systems for accurate recipe control, mixing and batching. 
The solutions we offer can be stand alone or part of an integrated plant control system.

Platform & Bench Scales

Procon provide a wide range of high performance industrial floor scales and bench scales.
Full washdown stainless steel versions are available for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We also supply Airport Baggage Scale Operator & Passenger display systems with weigh frames and platform scales.

ATEX Certified Weighing Systems

Procon have extensive experience in the design, supply and installation of hazardous area weighing systems

Belt Weighers & Weigh Feeders

The robust Procon Inflo resometric belt weighers have an unrivalled world wide reputation for long term reliability and accuracy. Our belt scale systems are utilised in portable and static applications in coal handling, mines and quarries, ship off-loaders and power stations.

Nuclear Safety Critical Weighing Systems

Procon design and build critical safety weighing systems (in accordance with IEC61508 standards) for a wide range of nuclear applications. Special load cells and instrumentation provide essential redundancy and extended temperature range operation.

SCADA (HMI) & PLC Control

Procon have broad in house expertise in the design and build of PLC systems, SCADA systems and bespoke control panels for weighing and process control.

24 x 7 service and support

Procon provide total site capability for calibration and servicing of a wide range of equipment and systems.  Our extensive site engineering team are located throughout the UK to ensure a fast response to service visits and breakdowns.

ForceCal Silo & Vessel Calibration

ForceCal™ provides non-intrusive calibration for silos and vessels traceable to national standards. Vessels can be calibrated without taking them out of service. Our calibration equipment is ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.

ForceCal Silo & Vessel Calibration

WeighCal Industrial Scale Calibration

Procon provide calibration for a wide range of scales and laboratory balances. Calibration certificates, traceable to national standards, are issued on site.

WeighCal Industrial Scale Calibration

FlowCal Flow Meter Calibration

Procon’s portable flow meter calibration rig allows flow meters to be calibrated on site, reducing costs and down time. Calibration certificates, traceable to national standards, are issued on site.

FlowCal Flow Meter Calibration

Temperature Calibration

Procon calibrate a broad range of temperature probes, thermocouples, industrial ovens & freezers and water baths. Calibration certificates, traceable to national standards, are issued on site.

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