Proctor Process Plant Ltd

  1. Building management Systems

    Building management Systems

    We spec, supply and fit, building maagement systems.
  2. Burner Ignition Controls

    Burner Ignition Controls

    We offer a variety of ignition controls from all major manufacturers.
  3. Burners


    Proctor Process Design and build bespoke Burners for all sections of industry.
  4. Burners - Control Equipment

    Burners - Control Equipment

    We offer a variety of burner control equipment from all major manufacturers.
  5. Burners - Gas and Oil

    Burners - Gas and Oil

    Proctor Process design and build bespoke gas and oil burners.
  6. Burners - Indirect Fired

    Burners - Indirect Fired

    Proctor Process design and build bespoke burners for Indirect fired applications.
  7. Burners - Maintenance

    Burners - Maintenance

    We offer a comprehensive service and maintenance package for all major burner manufacturers at competitive rates.
  8. Burners - Package

    Burners - Package

    We design and build package gas and oil burners.
  9. Burner spares -Black Technigas

    Burner spares -Black Technigas

    We stock Black Technigas gas products.
  10. Burner spares -Comtherm

    Burner spares -Comtherm

    We stock Comtherm burner parts.