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Prodeck-Fixing have become one of the market Leaders in Supply & Installations of Steel and Metal Decking across the UK and Europe. Having grown year on year since 1992 providing Consultations, Design, Supply and Installations of all Major Steel Floor Decking, Composite Metal Flooring(CMF) & non-Composite Metal Flooring (NCMF) applications. Working closely with one of the Top European Steel Manufacturers Corus Group Ltd Tata Steel.


We are Suppliers and Providers of a Range of Corus Floor & Roof Decking Products, Steel Frames, Stud Welding/Shear Studs/Compact Stud Welding/Mobile Stud Welding Rigs for Through Deck & to Factory Pre-Studded Beams. Our Offices and Factory is based in Mark, Somerset providing the perfect location alongside the M5 and M4 Corridor gateway to the heart of the United Kingdom.
Installers   Our installers are a Highly skilled, Fully Qualified Team with Years of Experience through long term investment in quality training, working policies and practices that make Prodeck-Fixing the Obvious Choice as we 'Always Exceed our Clients Expectations''.


Steel Decking and Metal Decking Systems are generally used in Steel framed Buildings such as Office Blocks, Hospitals, Schools, Bridges and Car Parks along with many other Construction Design Projects.

Prodeck-Fixing have Supplied and Installed some of the UK's largest Decking Floor Installations from 25m2 to over 50k m2. The Steel Decking is supplied with variant profiles for both Composite & non-Composite applications, decking is available from 0.9 to 1.2 gauge.

We work closely alongside some of the UK's Top Steel Decking Manufacturers and provide Clients the best Solutions and Products in Steel Decking from Experience to the best products within the Steel Construction Industry.

Safety Netting

Safety Netting for working at heights or within the Construction Industry is essential and why we are very Proud of our Health & Safety for working in the Construction Industry Environment.

Safety is Paramount with Prodeck-Fixing where all Clients benefit from the Experience and Qualifications from long term invested training with Prodeck-Fixing's highly trained Staff, our Improving Standards in Health & Safety is always an on-going standard.

Debris Netting
When working within the Construction environment and at height we use the latest provision of all Safety Standards from the use of Safety Netting & Safety Net Rigging. Not only our Installers benefit from the use of our Safety Nets but other Construction workers too working in the same Environment.

We are also providers for Debris Netting, Safety Netting & Net Rigging in accordance with PARTS 1&2 of BS 1

Stud Welding

Prodeck-Fixing offer a vast range of Stud Welding Products and Services with Mobile Stud Welding Rigs to Factory Pre-Studded Beams, Thrudeck, Straight to Beams, Sheet Piles, Pre-Cast Concrete Beams, Mobile Welding Rigs, Static Welding and more for the Construction Industry.

We have a large range of Construction Vehicles including 4xMobile Welding Rigs along with Stud Welding machines for Construction Site locations with appropriate Power Source.

As Professional Stud Welders we are able to supply and fix ALL available Sizes of Welded Shear Studs for ThruDeck and Straight to Steel Welding.

Stud Welding Equipment
We only use the Best High Performance Compact Stud Welding Equipment the Welding Industry can provide.

As suppliers and Installers of Steel Decking and Stud Welding we work closely with Corus Ltd, Europes Second largest Steel manufacturer and Producer, we are always able to assess stock levels for large or small projects.

Through long term investment, safety and training we have one of the most Experienced and Specialised Group of Stud Welding Members in the UK among the Professional and Highly skilled team of welders.

Design & Drawing

Design & Drawing is a crucial part in Construction, Prodeck-Fixing prides itself on saving Clients time and money with Experienced Design Meetings/Consultations.

Advice on Health & Safety, Diversity in Design with Full Support through every stage. Prodeck-Fixing use the latest version of Autocad 2009LT and meet all British and European Standards.

Prodeck-Fixing are able to send & Receive Drawings Electronically with Larger files having access directly to our FTP Server.

Prodeck-Fixing have Extensive knowledge of Fixing, Decking & Shear Studs giving us the perfect background to Draw/Design Decking with Shear stud layouts & minimise waste

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