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In 1995, Product Development Technologies, Inc. (PDT) began as a two-man operation. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and genuine passion for our work, PDT has grown into a full service, award winning, global  product design and development firm with nine offices worldwide and 125 expert industrial designers and engineers.

The same spirit that brought us where we are today powers our team of designers and engineers, focusing their enthusiasm and energy to design and bring to life incredibly innovative product designs for clients worldwide. PDT understands the big picture in industrial product design and development - we don't just design products, we help clients build their business through exceptional product design and engineering.

Always thinking a few steps ahead, we have integrated all critical processes into a fluid operation that rapidly moves ideas from concept design to production reality. Our own corporate structure - flexible and entrepreneurial in the best sense of that word - was inspired by the needs of today's marketers and the fast paced nature of the industries in which they compete.

You need a creative partner that adds real value to the complete product design and development process- beyond industrial design, from engineering to manufacture.

You need to design and manufacture unbeatable new products with a process that's always focused on your ultimate goal - efficient production and successful commercialization.

You need to do it right the first time.

You need PDT.

Our Expertise

Our multidisciplinary teams work together to create successful, innovative product designs that drive demand in the marketplace. PDT is unique among product design & development firms in that our unparalleled creativity is balanced by an equal understanding and consideration for our clients’ real-world production and marketing needs.

Whether you turn to PDT for full product design and development or select among our many other capabilities to meet your needs, our entire team’s combined 1000+ years of industrial product development expertise will help you achieve your goals.


Realizing business growth potential through a new and meaningful solution takes focused thinking and dedication to final execution. At PDT, we roll up our sleeves and work alongside you. We focus on helping your team develop a clear understanding of the opportunity, competitive forces, and customer experience that shape the business potential. We combine advanced facilitation and expert perspective in a highly collaborative process to help you build buy-in, streamline your development efforts, and direct your investment towards the areas most likely to deliver value and differentiation in the marketplace.

  • Visioning / innovation workshops
  • Market and trend analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Insight platforms
  • Strategy activation
  • Business cases, portfolio planning and design strategy
  • Positioning and messaging


PDT’s research team builds the foundation for user-centered industrial design by gaining a genuine understanding of user needs and market dynamics at the outset of a program. The results of your strategic objectives inform our ensuing product design and engineering work, responding to the needs and preferences of your customers in ways that offer real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Qualitative & in-depth interviews
  • Contextual interviews & object inventories
  • Observational & longitudinal studies
  • Task analysis & motion studies
  • Ergonomic evaluation and analysis
  • Screening and validation

Industrial Design

PDT’s Industrial designers create fresh, innovative product design solutions that speak to consumer needs and drive demand in the marketplace. PDT has experience designing for many industry sectors including the medical, military and consumer product markets.

Through our unique, proven approach to industrial product design, we create innovative, stylish, business relevant products that don’t just compete in their respective markets - they transcend the competition.

PDT's Industrial design team provides visionary, functional, aesthetic and ergonomic solutions which maximize your product’s perceived value and user satisfaction

PDT's Industrial Design services include:

  • Visual brand language (VBL) development
  • Innovation workshops
  • Product platform and architecture definition
  • Color, material and finish (CMF) documentation
  • Product refinement and detail definition
  • Human factors support (usability, ergonomic studies and anthropometric analysis)
  • Product lifecycle design
  • Market trends and product landscape analysis
  • Physical mockups and form studies
  • Collaborative ideation and structured brainstorming
  • Color and trend analysis and contextual definition
  • Photo-Realistic Renderings
Industrial Design

User Experience

PDT’s user experience team is comprised of experts in product design research, graphic design, information architecture and music. Our team knows how to entice consumers with the innovative crafting of inviting user experiences through the design of information, graphics, interactive menu structures and sound. PDT prides itself on designing intuitive on-screen interfaces which render even the most complex technology approachable, inviting and easy to use.

  • Font creation
  • Interface simulators and usability testing
  • Task analysis
  •  Interaction diagramming
  • Specification documentation
  • Iconography
  • Interface and communications design
  • Sound design in sound lab
  • Function definition
User Experience

Mechanical Engineering

PDT was built on a foundation of mechanical engineering, and that foundation sets us apart in ways that truly impact your bottom line. Our team may push boundaries and go beyond the expected, but PDT’s mechanical engineers provide input and guidance throughout the development process to ensure that every design we present is readily manufacturable. With an average 15 years experience and the latest technological resources at their fingertips, PDT’s 80 mechanical engineers provide advanced engineering solutions that seamlessly turn your product design concept into reality.

PDT's mechanical engineering team provides robust, rapid development of your product design for cost-effective production and successful commercialization

  • Control drawings
  • High risk DVT testing
  • Project definition
  • Manufacturing support
  • FEA on critical areas
  • Tolerance stacks
  • Tooling review
  • Tooling quotes
  • Master model
  • Top down assembly
  • Appearance model CAD creation for marketing
  • Industrial Design support and Capture
  • Detailed mechanical design
  • Fixture design
  • Preliminary BOM with costing
  • Internal architecture
  • Functional prototypes
Mechanical Engineering


PDT’s rapid prototyping team delivers an exquisite level of detail and quality, enabling you to do more than just visualize a concept – we put production level models in your hands in record time.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Production-quality appearance models
  • Expert color and material replication
  • Iterative concept refinement

Electrical Engineering & Software

PDT's electrical engineers were bred in hardware development on medical and military products. They excel when the utmost accuracy and risk mitigation is required. They distill complex design objectives and simplify them down to core requirements, then systematically build robust solutions from the ground up. They are precise, analytical and creative and have an uncanny ability to take partial or incomplete designs and resurrect them. They breathe science, technology and math. They focus on quality yet never lose sight of schedules, cost, and design scope. They love to exceed expectations.

•Our software engineers think the world is a very exciting place. They’ve brought high usability and high functionality to mission critical defense communication devices, Class ll medical devices and smartphone apps. They can twiddle bits way down deep in a product enabling new communication links. They love using the latest design patterns to realize rich user interfaces that pop. They are happy that iPhone and Android have raised the stakes. Enterprise Architect, JIRA, Mercurial, and Clocksharp are tools in their back pockets that help drive a development process that starts with your custom requirements and ends with "Wow - how did you do that so fast?!" Software is not only their profession; it's their passion.

•Concept Development
•Feasibility Models
•Electrical Circuit Design
•Printed Circuit Board Design
•RoHS Design
•Mobile device software development
•Requirements and specifications documentation

Electrical Engineering & Software

Quality Assurance

PDT provides assurance beyond ISO certifications and ITAR regulations. With services to ensure the consistency and reliability of your product designs and product data, we can help your product meet industry requirements and speed up the time to market. Our quality assurance professionals have all the right tools to ensure consistency and reliability. They are always experts in other functional disciplines as well. They understand the implications of test results. They are inquisitive and precise as they measure, watch, and report. Because they have a global product design and development understanding, they also solve problems and implement solutions. They save you time, money and headaches.

  • Drop Testing
  • High Speed Photography
  • MicroVu
Quality Assurance


PDT designs and engineers injection mold and die cast tooling. All programs are supported and guaranteed through fully integrated program management services centralized within our headquarters in Illinois.

  • Design for Manufacturability
  • 3D Part and Tool Design
  • Global Engineering Resource Allocation
  • Asian Sourced Manufacturing
  • Web-Based Conferencing
  • Comprehensive Documentation and Database Management

Asian Sourcing

PDT understands its clients’ need to reduce production costs and shorten delivery times. Our global sourcing team can ramp up your support in Asia via established relationships with quality suppliers, delivering seamless results at this critical stage of the development process.

  • Die cast & plastic tooling
  • Pre-qualified suppliers
  • Parts sourcing or full production and assembly
  • Three levels of project support available to meet your needs
Asian Sourcing

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