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With three types of connection on all our PTFE fittings, we are able to suit virtually all applications.

Chemcon Standard (STD)

For laboratory/indoor use, at pressures up to 7 barg (100 psig).

Chemcon Industrial (IND)

A threaded ferrule is used to make a mechanical joint for industrial/outdoor use, at pressures up to 27.5 barg (400 psig).

Chemcon Glassware (SIL)


A viton seal is added to improve sealing on gas/vacuum systems, at pressures up to 13 barg (200 psig) or high vacuum.

Tubes and Hoses

Our wide range of tubes and hoses enables us to supply the correct one for a large number of applications:

  • Plain tubing for use with compression fittings.
  • Flexible convoluted tubing with end terminations to suit either compression fittings or for barbed fittings.
  • Braided and wire reinforced convoluted hoses with a comprehensive range of end connections, which can be used as a direct replacement for stainless steel corrugated hoses in difficult applications.
Tubes and Hoses

Valves and Flowmeters

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of PTFE valves available. Additionally, we offer a wide range of flowmeters from stock:

Manual -

  • Stopcocks
  • Ball valves
  • Bellows valves
  • Diaphragm valves
  • Needle flow control

Pneumatic Control -

  • Bellows valves and manifolds
  • Ball valves
  • Non return valves

Solenoid -

  • 24V dc to 220V ac


  • With or Without Control valve
  • Panel Mount or Inline
  • Glass Tubes or all PTFE/PFA
Valves and Flowmeters


The chances are that we will be able to match your specification from our large range of pumps which we find suit most applications found in the Semiconductor, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Aspirators -

  • No moving parts, air or liquid actuated.

Bellows pumps -

  • Pneumatic controls with range 0-10 l/min up to 0-100 l/min.

Pump and filter unit -

  • Remote pneumatic controls. Accepts most 10" filter cartridges. Ranges 0-10 l/min up to 0-20 l/min

Designers and Manufacturers of Plastic Solutions

As designers and manufacturers of 'solutions' in PTFE and other plastics, we will be pleased to manufacture items from 'prototype' up to full 'production runs', exactly to your specifications.

If you have a problem that needs our expertise, send us your sketch or line diagram or phone us and we will send an engineer to design a

'custom made cure'.


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