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State-of-the-art 24-bit audio converters from ARDA and Wolfson, along with a wide range of CODECs, ensure audio integrity in applications from the most demanding to those with an emphasis on value. Arda's AT1201 24-bit stereo ADC provides the industry’s highest dynamic range, lowest THD and a sampling rate of up to 384kHz, while their AT12612 is a 192kHz version with lower power requirements. Both converters offer very low latency, too, at 13µs and 26µs, respectively, so they are ideal for live sound and other time-critical environments.

Wolfson's outstanding audio CODECs are at the heart of many award winning products, which is no coincidence, as they have raised the bar when it comes to delivering outstanding audio quality demanded by the listener. Wolfson's commitment to affordable performance, flexibility, and power management is seen in the wide range of configurations and features, enabling designers to reduce parts counts whilst extending battery life.

Analogue Signal Processing and Amplifiers

We live in an analogue world and today's products continue to require components that can handle consumer and professional signal levels with integrity and transparency. Profusion provide integrated circuits from respected and cutting-edge names like THAT Corporation, NJRC, and MAS, including Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers (VCAs), Microphone Preamps, Op Amps, Balanced Line Receivers and Line Drivers, and much more. Click the header link for a peek into analogue signal processing heaven!

Digitally-controlled Microphone Preamp

Delivering the best of both worlds, the THAT 1570/5171 is a 2-chip microphone preamp which elegantly solves the problems of previous digitally-controlled analogue front-ends. By separating the low-noise, high-gain analogue preamp from the digital functions and switched resistor ladder, the 1570/5171 provides the versatility of digital control while delivering stellar sonic performance for the most demanding pro and MI audio applications.

The chip set's analogue specifications and sonic qualities are superb (like 1nV/rtHz noise at 60dB gain, 4.2MHz bandwidth, THD+N of 0.0008% at 40dB gain, and slew rate of 53V/µs). Digital gain control is via an addressable serial-peripheral interface (SPI), with gain programmable at 5.6dB, and from 13.6 to 68.6dB in 1dB steps.  This is truly the mic pre you've been waiting for!

Digitally-controlled Microphone Preamp

Single-chip Microphone Preamps

For the first time there are now IC mic preamps worthy of the name. Designed from the ground up in THAT Corporation's complementary bipolar, dielectric isolation process, the THAT 1500 series improves on existing integrated microphone preamps by offering lower noise at low gains, better distortion characteristics, lower power consumption, higher slew rate and bandwidth, and increased output voltage swing. Versions are pin-compatible with most popular competitive offerings.

Balanced Line Drivers and Receivers

THAT Corporation are at the very forefront of performance analogue design for the audio industry. In the last few years they have turned their considerable engineering expertise to making significant improvements in key analog product categories. Their wide range of balanced line receivers includes industry-beating specs in standard pinouts, as well as their patented InGenius line of balanced line receivers designed to overcome the single major weakness of ordinary differential inputs: rapid degradation of common mode rejection resulting from very small source impedance imbalances.

What about balanced line drivers? THAT Corporation's drivers provide superior performance with industry-standard pinouts. But they have gone a step further by recognizing that when balanced sources are fed into single-ended equipment (as often happens in professional, MI, and sound reinforcement applications) signal overload is a significant risk. The THAT1606 balanced line driver incorporates THAT's patented OutSmarts™ technology, a dual feedback-loop design that prevents the excessive ground currents typical of cross-coupled output stages when clipping into single-ended loads.

Digital Wireless

Profusion is proud to offer Syncomm wireless technology, a versatile and robust digital solution which provides high fidelity audio with minimal delay and effective anti-interference properties.
Ideal for applications like surround sound speakers, wireless headphones and microphones, and in-car entertainment, Syncomm devices are available with a choice of two latencies - the higher latency ensuring greater signal integrity.

Digital I/O

Getting digital audio signals from place to place involves efficient and reliable transmission and reception -- and often conversion from one format to another -- with signal integrity and low latency throughout. Whatever your need -- S/PDIF, ADAT or IEEE1394 (Firewire) -- you are bound to find the right digital I/O components here at Profusion.

Be sure to have a close look at the DICE family of Firewire components from TC Applied Technologies. These are incredibly versatile transceivers that bring full IEEE1394 functionality along with AES3, ADAT and I2S formats, and incorporate JET (jitter elinination technology) PLL technology to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

Reverb and Effects

When your design calls for reverb, chorus, flanging, and other ambient effects, Profusion's range of products helps you reduce time-to-market without sacrificing sound quality.  Choose IC or PCB products developed by renowned sound artisans like David Simpao, from the all-in-one RA-FX16G — a tiny daughter card module with 16 amazing presets optimized for guitar products— to the value-priced AL3201B from Wavefront Semiconductor, a versatile and affordable IC with its own programming language for custom development.  Whatever your reverb effects need, Profusion have components for guitar amps, sound reinforcement equipment, portable keyboards...even karaoke systems.

Power Amplifiers

You don't need to design an audio power amplifier from scratch to obtain excellent performance at a reasonable price. With a selection of IC and OEM integrated power amplifiers at outputs from less than 1W to more that 500W, you will find what you need from suppliers like Abletec, Ecotec, NJRC, and UTC.


The right transistor in the right design can make all the difference in sound quality, power consumption, cost, and reliability. From low- and medium-power bipolars to matched transistor arrays and lateral power MOSFETs -- whatever your audio transistor requirements, you're likely to find it in Profusion's catalog.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

At 50 MIPs and an ultra-low price point, Wavefront's AL3101 (and its serial-control version, the AL3102) is a truly unique DSP, perfect for those applications where mainstream processors are overkill (and over-priced). We've seen some amazing applications - at amazing low BOMs - built around this chip. Like other Wavefront parts, the AL3101/2 simplifies system design by requiring only word clock for operation. Log and anti-log instructions, 4 stereo inputs and outputs... this part is worth adding to your arsenal.

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