Projector Lifting Service Ltd


Projector Lifting Service Ltd provides safe and effective machine removal and heavy lifting. For over 100 years, we have been planning and carrying out machine removal, lifting and rigging. We are constantly investing in our equipment to ensure that we have the correct tools to do the job.  

Contract Lifting

Contract lifting involves us taking full responsibility for the whole operation. We will plan, supply, control and supervise the entire lift. You will remain responsible for the health and safety. We can provide you with competitive quotes for all your contract lifting requirements.

The Most Hydraulic Gantry Lift Systems in the UK

The largest number of hydraulic gantry lift systems available in the UK for relocating, moving and lifting large or awkward equipment. Hydraulic gantry lift systems are available on CPA hire or a contract hire basis globally to help you maximise your options.

You can choose from 200 tonne to 500 tonne capacity hydraulic gantry lift systems up to 12 metres.

Hydraulic gantry lift systems have a broad variety of uses so contact us now to discuss which will work best for you.

Plant & Equipment Handling

We provide bespoke plant & equipment handling, including dismantling, reassembling, electrical and mechanical services. We can meet your plant & equipment handling needs by listening to you carefully and planning a project to meet your individual requirements.

Machine Relocation

Our machine relocation services will ensure your machines are moved with precision and minimal disruption. We have the skill, workforce, equipment and knowledge to carry out machine relocation to the high standards you expect.

Industrial Dismantling

We can assist with industrial dismantling by planning the procedure and by supplying lifting or moving equipment required. By using the correct equipment for industrial dismantling, we can ensure there is no damage to your machinery.

Cargo Transportation Services

We provide cargo transportation services to enable you to relocate your heavy machinery with little fuss and disruption. Our cargo transportation services are used by a wide range of industries including construction, engineering, petrochemical, mining and infrastructure.

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