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With 30+ year’s innovation in electronics and software, Prolec provides a range of control, productivity and safety solutions for the construction, marine, mining and quarrying industries.

Our expertise is in the control, measurement and guidance of equipment to enhance functionality, deliver higher productivity and reduce costs. Prolec systems enable end users and OEMs to drive productivity to the highest level within their safety envelope.

Prolec is unique. We are the only company to provide a range of machine control systems for both safety and productivity applications. Following the launch of PME2D, we are pleased to offer a productivity solution that will maintain safety limits on one single system. Something that is handled by our competitors using completely separate systems for twice the hardware and twice the cost.

We are pleased to offer the following classes of machine control;

ProSafe: Safety systems
ProGrade: 2D/3D Machine Control
ProLoad: On board weighing

Plant Safety: Pro Safe

Safe and efficient working of construction plant is essential to productivity in today's competitive working environments. The ProSafe range provides solutions for diverse operations types including lifting, slew and height limiting cab protection and depth control.

With our expertise in the construction sector, we are the market leader in safe and efficient plant operations, building a reputation for the finest quality and innovation. From excavator control, Telehandler safety, crane rci’s or specialist machinery. Prolec plant safety system for your application.

The plant safety range includes:

Heightwatch6 - Basic Height Limiter
PME100 – Height Limiter and 2D envelope monitor
PME200 – Safe Load Indicator and envelope monitor
PME300 – Slew Limiter
PME400 - Height & Slew Limiter
PME500 – Load and 3D movement monitor

Visit our website for more information on our range of safety systems.


Plant Safety: Pro Safe

Machine Control & Guidance: Pro Grade

ProGrade, our range of innovative 2D and 3D machine control systems have been designed to give full control over the machine, simplifying earthmoving operations and increasing efficiency.

Our guidance systems have been designed to enhance the performance of construction plant in many applications, including earthworks, road construction, quarrying, dredging and ground engineering.

Prolec offers a choice of 3 machine control systems                

2D machine control ideal for basic trenches and cross sections etc. Also applicable for simple grading on batters and slopes removing the need for staking and checking in civil construction. A unique feature of PME2D is that it can be integrated with your current PME safety system.

Digmaster Pro
An advanced solution for civil construction which can be operated in 2D or 3D mode.  All the control functionality of PME2D but with more flexibility in the machine views and models plus the ability to work with GPS location and terrain maps. 

Prolec’s superior machine control solution with a common interface to Digmaster Pro but with greater flexibility and configurability.  A range of tools specifically for dredging and piling are available with the ability to import or create many specialist tools used in these industries.

For more information on our range of machine control systems visit our website.

Machine Control & Guidance: Pro Grade

On Board Weighing: Pro Load

Prolec's ProLoad range of weighing systems have been designed to allow construction and quarrying equipment operators to achieve maximum productivity and compliance of material handling operations.

Our on board weighing systems include:

Designed for wheeled (front) loaders and forklifts the system utilises simple hardware to monitor and report the load.  Optional printers and radio connectivity is available to work with the Weighloader.

Weighloader ADT

Our weighing system for articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), Weighloader ADT uses strain gauge technology to constantly measure the load on the machine, ensuring the machines payload is at its optimum level, at all times.

For more information regarding our range of on board weighing solutions visit our website.


On Board Weighing: Pro Load

Demolition Safety

Demolition is a dangerous business. Pulling down a building demands skill, control and planning. Prolec provides advanced demolition safety systems, tailor made for the high-reach demolition market. 

Prolec’s tailor made solution for the high-reach demolition market is ideal for complete demolition safety. Sitting on the PME platform, it offers all the features of our machine envelope monitoring with additional functionality to accommodate the many extra tools and higher loads typically found on high-reach demolition machinery.

Prolec Demolition safety System
PME700 – Demolition stability monitor


Demolition Safety

Rail Excavator Safety

The safe operation of plant on a rail maintenance site is vital. One slip or a lapse of concentration could see the operator cause injury to themselves, their colleagues or the travelling public. These circumstances demand the maximum possible safety, for which Prolec has developed a range of rail excavator safety systems.

PMERail is Prolec’s premier safety control product combining full load control, height and slew restriction plus miscellaneous inputs which are designed to comply with the rigorous RIS1530 and EN15746 standards. PMERail systems suit both Road-Rail integrator’s and OEMs' units.  

We currently offer the following products for the Rail market;

PMERail – Road Rail (Hi) Rail excavator controller
PMERail Max – ALO compliant Road Rail (Hi) Rail excavator controller

PMERail Ultra – ALO/OLE compliant Road Rail (Hi) Rail excavator controller

For more information regarding our range of Road Rail control systems vist our website


Rail Excavator Safety
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