Prominent Fluid Controls (UK) Ltd

Prominent Fluid Controls (UK) Ltd is part of ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, a truly international company with more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide. ProMinent specialises in water treatment systems marketed through ProMinent ProMaqua GmbH and chemical fluid handling. ProMaqua’s product portfolio covers all the well-established treatment methods including hypochlorite dosing, chlorine dioxide, ozone, UV and reverse osmosis. With extensive experience in the target industries ProMaqua provides complete, turn-key water treatment solutions inclusive of consultation and service. ProMaqua also provides an important back-up to ProMinent UK’s thriving custom-designed dosing and water treatment package business.

The chemical fluid handling side of the business covers a huge range of applications, wherever a chemical needs to be dosed into an industrial process. In addition to precision dosing pumps, sensors and controllers, ProMinent can supply all of the other ancillary equipment such as probe housings, tanks,bunds, pipes and valves.
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