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Promobox is a leading promotional products company. We specialise in promotional merchandise, corporate gifts and clothing. When you want your promotional message to get across to your targeted customers, we provide you with the best promotional products to achieve this goal. We can find any item that you need; simply let us know and we will get it.


Most people will need to use a pen at one time or another during their day. The use of promotional pens has never gone out of fashion. The designs of pens keep on improving, thereby providing an ever-changing medium to attract the eyes of your targeted customers. Promobox supplies a wide variety of promotional pens for your needs. We aptly match the design of the pens to your targeted customers; if you are promoting an item targeted at teens, we will provide you with pens that are in demand by this demographic. You will never go wrong when you use promotional pens.



You may remember seeing a message emblazoned across the front or back of a trendy T-Shirt and thought of how you would love to have one for yourself. This is the power of promotional clothing. If you want your message to be visible and stick in the minds of your targeted customers, offer promotional clothing as a gift and reap huge benefits. Promobox has a wide range of promotional clothing available, and if the design you want is not in stock, we shall find it for you. Let people be your walking billboards; use promotional clothing to get your message across.


Promotional mugs will pass on your promotional message to people at home and in an office environment. When people take a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, they will definitely see the message that is on the mug. This is an ideal way of getting people to read your message every day, since they must have breakfast or a coffee break. We have mugs made of both earthenware and china; you decide which suits your purpose best. Our printing process ensures that your promotional message is portrayed clearly, and in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Check out our promotional mugs designs and choose that which is best for you.

Promotional Products

Promobox supplies you with a wide range of promotional products. Whether you want to use clothing, pens, shopping bags, games, water bottles, etc, you can bet that we have the right product for you. If we do not have it, we shall look for it. We do our best to ensure that your requirements are met to the finest detail. Our design and printing process ensures your message is clear and attractive. You will get the best promotional impact when you use our promotional goods. Check out our range of products and select that which fits your particular promotional strategy.

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